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A drawing of Maurice FitzGerald, Lord of Lanstephan, progenitor of the Irish Geraldines, from a manuscript of the Expugnatio Hibernica, an account of the 1169 invasion of Ireland written by Maurice's nephew, Gerald of Wales in 1189.
Asa Eldridge, Yarmouth sea captain
Ireland in 1450, with the Earldom of Desmond in the southwest
Catherine Hayes (1818-1861), Limerick-born global celebrity soprano
Shanid Castle, from which the Desmond Geraldines derived their motto, Shanid Abu
Map showing Refugio, founded by Irish empresario James Hewetson, and also showing San Patricio, Texas--both were Irish settlements in Mexican Texas.
Bourke's House (1690), Athlunkard Street, Limerick
Holy Roman Emperor Charles V announcing the capture of Tunis to Pope Paul III, as imagined in an anonymous sixteenth century tapestry; this was the last Roman triumph.
Direct image of exoplanets around the star HR8799 using a vortex coronograph on a 1.5m portion of the Hale telescope; exoplanet HR 8799 c is shown to the upper right.
Hugo Oconór, Irish-born governor of Spanish Texas, 1767–1770.
Portrait of Onofrio Panvinio by Tintoretto, c. 1555


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