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  • Accuracy
  • Honesty
  • Quality
  • Professionalism
  • Principles before personalities

Stuff I made up[edit]

Wikipedia articles[edit]

Grand Lodge of Ohio
Grand Lodge of North Dakota

Published works[edit]

  • "Fifteen Points for Masonic Education," Proceedings of the Ohio Lodge of Research 25 (1997-2003): 74-98
  • "Understanding Masonic Law," Proceedings of the Ohio Lodge of Research 26 (2004-2009): 50-57
  • "What a Lodge Can Truly Be," Philalethes: The Journal of Masonic Research and Letters 64 (2011): 66-71
  • "Saint John's Day in Winter," Publication still pending


Stuff I put up[edit]

USS Cavalla (SSN 684)
"Fyftene artyculus þey þer sow3ton, and fyftene poyntys þer þey wro3ton."

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19 November 2014
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Other stuff[edit]


Here are some emoticons for you to use on user and talk pages. They are presented below for your copy-and-pasting convenience.


Output Code
Confused.png [[File:Confused.png|20px]]
Cry.png [[File:Cry.png|20px]]
Lightbulb.png [[File:Lightbulb.png|16px]]
Sad.png [[File:Sad.png|20px]]
Shade.png [[File:Shade.png|20px]]
Smile.png [[File:Smile.png|20px]]
Blush.png [[File:Blush.png|20px]]
Smile eye.png [[File:Smile_eye.png|20px]]
Teeth.png [[File:Teeth.png|20px]]
Tongue.png [[File:Tongue.png|20px]]
Wink.png [[File:Wink.png|20px]]
Face-wink.svg [[File:Face-wink.svg|20px]]
Face-surprise.svg [[File:Face-surprise.svg|20px]]
Face-grin.svg [[File:Face-grin.svg|20px]]
Face-devil-grin.svg [[File:Face-devil-grin.svg|20px]]
Face-kiss.svg [[File:Face-kiss.svg|20px]]
Face-smile.svg [[File:Face-smile.svg|20px]]
Face-smile-big.svg [[File:Face-smile-big.svg|20px]]
Face-crying.svg [[File:Face-crying.svg|20px]]
Face-glasses.svg [[File:Face-glasses.svg|20px]]
Face-angel.svg [[File:Face-angel.svg|20px]]
Shocked-tpvgames.gif [[File:shocked-tpvgames.gif|20px]]
Smile-tpvgames.gif [[File:Smile-tpvgames.gif|20px]]
Confused-tpvgames.png [[File:Confused-tpvgames.gif|20px]]
Sad-tpvgames.gif [[File:Sad-tpvgames.gif|20px]]
Misc-tpvgames.gif [[File:Misc-tpvgames.gif|20px]]
<font size="+2">☺</font>
<font size="+2">☻</font>
  <font size="+2">☹</font>



The template {{smiley}} or {{=)}} may be used to produce many different smilies.


{{P}} is a useful, one-letter redirect for this template, based on the common emoticon :P.


Different smilies can be made using parameters. For instance, {{P|sad}} produces Face-sad.svg. The default (no parameter) is a simple smile.

The size of the smiley can be changed using the |size= parameter. For example, {{P|size=15px}} produces Face-smile.svg, which is a little smaller than the default. If |size= is not specified, the default size is 18px.

The full list of smilies is as follows. Some are duplicates — for instance, the value 10 or any of the words cry, crying, or tears will produce Cry.png.

parameter produces parameter produces
1   smile   :)   :-) Face-smile.svg 2   sad   frown   :(   :-( Face-sad.svg
3   wink   ;)   ;-) Face-wink.svg 4   blush   :$   :-$ Face-blush.svg
5   grin   :D   :-D Face-grin.svg 6   surprise   :O   :-O Face-surprise.svg
7   tongue   :P   :-P Face-tongue.svg 8   confused   %)   %-) Face-confused.svg
9   shade   shades   8)   8-)   Shade.png 10   cry   crying   tears   :'(   :'-(   Cry.png
11   lightbulb   idea Lightbulb.png 12   wink2 Smile eye.png
13   wink3 Wink.png 14   big-grin   biggrin Face-grin.svg
15   devil-grin   devil   evil Face-devil-grin.svg 16   kiss Face-kiss.svg
17   smirk Face-smile-big.svg 18   big-cry   bigcry   sob Face-crying.svg
19   glasses   nerd Face-glasses.svg 20   angel   0:)   0:-) Face-angel.svg
21   ttth Face-hand.svg 22   awesome 718smiley.svg
23   vsmile Emoticon =v=.svg 24   dp   dontpanic Dont panic.svg
25   teeth Teeth.png 26   angry Face-angry red.png
27   raspberry Ras.gif 28   very-confused Confused.png

Output Code
Cry.png {{)':}}
Face-sad.svg {{):}}
Face-smile.svg {{=)}}
Face-wink.svg {{;)}}
Face-tongue.svg {{=P}}
Face-grin.svg {{=D}}
Face-confused.svg {{=S}}
Confused.png {{=Z}}


Different smilies can be made using parameters. For instance, {{Smiley2|sad}} or {{=2|sad}} produces Sad-tpvgames.gif.

The full list of parameters is as follows (defaults to a simple smile).

parameter produces parameter produces
1, smile Smile.gif 2, cute Smile-tpvgames.gif
3, sad Sad-tpvgames.gif 4, confused Confused-tpvgames.png
5, shocked Shocked-tpvgames.gif 6, tongue, crazy Misc-tpvgames.gif
7, rude, raspberry Ras.gif 8, doh, facepalm Smiley emoticons doh.gif


Different smilies can be made using parameters. For instance, {{Oldsmiley|tongue}}, {{Smiley3|tongue}} or {{=3|tongue}} produces SMocking.gif.

The full list of parameters is as follows (defaults to a simple smile).

parameter produces parameter produces
1, friend SFriendly.svg 2, confident SConfident.gif
3, mock,
SMocking.gif 4, hysteric SHysterical.gif
5, hurt SHurt.gif 6, sorry Very sorry.gif
7, sleepy SYawning.gif 8, nice SNive.gif
9, nasty SNasty.gif 10, congratulations,
11, trouble SDeep trouble.gif 12, innocent SInnocent.gif
13, sceptic SSceptical.gif 14, upset SUpset.gif
15, shocked SShocked.gif 16, indifferent,
17, roll Rolling eyes.GIF 18, teeth Smiley123.png


Different smilies can be made using parameters. For instance, {{sert|2}} or {{sert|sad}} produces Sert - sad smile.svg.

The full list of parameters is as follows (defaults to a simple smile).

parameter produces parameter produces
1, happy Sert - happy smile.svg 2, sad Sert - sad smile.svg
3, three Sert - 3 smile.svg 4, dead Sert - dead smile.svg

WikiEditor script[edit]

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