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Wikipedia:DYKSTATS keeps track of the DYK hooks that have been clicked the most times while they were on the main page; any DYK article that was clicked over 5,000 times while on the main page is eligible to be listed in the table for the current month, and an article that was clicked over 20,000 times is eligible to be listed in the all-time leaders. (For further details on the DYKSTATS rules, see WP:DYKSTATS#Rules.)

Here is how to check how many times your hook was clicked:

  1. Wait at least 24 hours. Pageview stats are not collected on the server until the day after the article was featured.
  2. Go to your article and open the "history" tab.
  3. From the history tab, click "Page view statistics" (on the right, below the search bars).
    If you cannot find this, go to for the same tool.
    Or you can add the link to your sidebar - see the 'links' section at User:Smith609#Useful tools
  4. A bar graph will appear. On the menus below the bar graph, select the current month (201409—when you first open the page view statistics, it will probably be showing the previous month).
  5. Hit "Go".
  6. The graph that opens is the page views for the current month. There will usually be a visible spike for the day on which your article was on the main page. The number in that bar is the page views. (If your article was featured over two days—for example, if it went up to the main page at 22:00 UTC and was taken off at 04:00 UTC on the next day—you may add the two bars together to get the total.) If you're over 5,000, you can go to WP:DYKSTATS and add your article to the table in the appropriate month's section!