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Rkitko gets ready for work. This is his usual attire for all wiki editing.
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Welcome to my userpage. It's not all that interesting and is mainly used for organizing my own wiki-material, but you're welcome to browse. Feel free to leave me a message.

A little intro: My name is Ryan, I'm 31 years old and currently live in Mount Vernon, Ohio. I'm most interested in the biological sciences, having graduated with a B.S. in biology with a concentration in botany from Lebanon Valley College and briefly pursued a M.A. in environmental studies from The Evergreen State College, though it didn't quite work out. I then spent three years as a research assistant in a microbiology lab at Kenyon College and now I'm currently enrolled in the evolution, ecology, and organismal biology (EEOB) PhD program at Ohio State University, researching plant systematics and ecology.

My primary focus on Wikipedia has been carnivorous plants, specifically the genus Stylidium. I have amassed quite a bit of information related to Stylidiaceae. I've also been dedicated to finding and uploading as many images and original sources as possible related to Stylidiaceae. I also organized WP:PLANTS and WP:CPS article assessment. Other periodic edits include cleaning up Category:Plants and subcats, sorting plant stubs and assessing WP:PLANTS articles, sometimes with the help of BotanyBot, which I operate intermittently. I recently finished off all the stubs for Utricularia and began working on Drosera, which I'm working on slowly when I have the time.

I appear to be in the top 1,000 of Wikipedians by number of edits, not that that means much.

Questions and requests are always welcome.


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