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Hi! My name is Robert Hannah and I'm a physics/ mathematics major at the University of Sydney. I believe that all educational resources should be free. The attitude that the author of such resources "owns" what s/he has written is harmful and places personal gain ahead of the general benefit of society that would otherwise result. The counterargument that repealing copyrights of educational material would severly disincentivize authorship is clearly wrong in light of the wealth of free, high-quality educational resources already available. Significant examples:

-> The Khan Academy:

-> MIT OpenCourseWare:

-> Academic Earth:

-> Wikipedia Itself :P

Articles I Have Created[edit]

  1. PRF advantage
  2. KR advantage
  3. PR-CPA advantage
  4. Key-recovery attack
  5. Ben Eggleton
  6. Trapping region
  7. Proof of the conservation of angular momentum:
  8. Forward measure
  9. Mutual knowledge (logic)
  10. Usual hypotheses

Articles I've Contributed Significantly To[edit]

  1. Giovanni Falcone
  2. John Kenneth Stille
  3. Merkle–Damgård construction
  4. Hard-core predicate
  5. Semantic security
  6. Encryption
  7. Commitment scheme
  8. One-way function
  9. Computational indistinguishability
  10. Circuit complexity
  11. Subgame perfect equilibrium
  12. Fundamental theorem of asset pricing
  13. Girsanov theorem
  14. Progressively measurable process
  15. AD-AS model
  16. Publication bias

Articles I Like[edit]

-> Information-theoretic death

-> Biological Immortality

-> Tardigrade

-> Apoptosis

-> Cryonics

-> Senescence

-> Hayflick Limit

-> Entropy

-> Game Theory

-> Miller–Urey experiment

-> E. coli long-term evolution experiment

-> Nash Equilibrium

-> Prisoner's dilemma

-> RAND Corporation

-> Rationalizability

-> Common Knowledge

-> Computational complexity theory



->Public-key cryptography

->Shallow water blackout


->Death from laughter

->List of long-living organisms

->Largest organisms

->Eyewitness identification


->My Contributions

->My Sandbox

->"My edit count"