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thnx! This user says thanks to everyone who has already helped him on Wikipedia (he can't write every name down, but he hopes that they know who they are: each and every one of you deserve a statue! ;))
This user may make mistakes. Letting him know in a polite manner is very much appreciated
info about me:
Alkmaar flag.png
This user is born in Alkmaar
Flag of the Netherlands.svg
This user is, besides EU-citizen, also a Dutch citizen
Flag of Europe.svg
This user is a proud EU-citizen, and pro-EU
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This user is against Global Warming, for that means even more rain and, believe it or not, colder temperatures for the Netherlands
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This user supports the Euro
Flag of Flanders.svg
This user thinks highly of Flanders and its inhabitants
Gay flag.svg
This user is not ashamed for being homosexual, nor should anyone else who is
This user can be very sarcastic, and loves black humour, as well as British humour
This user thinks that religion is a major cause of the international instabilities, but does respect every religion
This user hopes that others respect him as well, so that we all can try to change this world for the better
Israel and Palestine Peace.svg
This user thinks that Israel has a right to exist, but wishes that this state recognises a two-state policy, without, as Ofra Haza sang, "fanaticism"
Israel and Palestine Peace.svg
This user thinks that Palestina has a right to exist, but wishes that this state recognises a two-state policy without, as Ofra Haza sang, "terrorism"
Ankh white.PNG
This user believes in the ancient Egyptian symbol of Ankh, and everything it stands for
Serpiente alquimica.jpg
This user also stands for everything that the ancient Greek symbol of Ourovoros meansr
The sun1.jpg
This user wishes it was Summer all the time, for he tends to suffer from winter depression
Earth Eastern Hemisphere.jpg
This user also loves to travel the world; what a beautiful one it is
This user thinks telly is one of the best inventions ever, as he loves it so much
This user can, on that same telly, or on dvd, watch The Gilmore Girls over and over again, without getting bored of it
This user reckons music as a global binding factor, and downloads and buys a lot of it, for he would miss the cd so much if it would be non-existing
Books of the Past.jpg
This user thinks that, because of always favouring telly, cds, and dvds, his books, which he loves so much, might have grown a low self-esteem
Life This user walks through life without knowing how it works. At some points, life seems harsh to him, but at other points, life seems very gentle with him. All included, he knows; that's life.
wiki-NL This user reckons the Dutch wikipedia a big fat flop, and prefers, BY FAR, the English Wikpedia
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This user, as you may have seen, loves to use many colours

About me[edit]


Quick stats[edit]

Me + cat; very curious and sometimes going over the edge

And he[edit]

  • Is, just like his cat, very curious, and sometimes goes, not deliberately, a little bit over the edge
  • Tries to use British English, for that is the type of English he has been taught at school (although many American television series and spending holidays in the US may have attributed to cause some confusion with this poor lad, for he finds himself quite often speaking and typing in both British English and American English, which he knows looks rather strange for many other people)
  • Knows it's even stranger for many people to hear him speak in English sometimes, for he has the rare gift of using American words, while speaking in a received pronunciation, and/ or Cockney English tone, thus creating some sort of English which no one might understand
  • Still believes that everything is brill, though, and living inside his head is one giant hoot (well... from time to time)
  • Understands some German as well, but doesn't really take the effort to keep it at a relative acceptable level, for he believes that tourists coming to the Netherlands should not try to express themselfs in their own language, but in English (since he won't dare to ask foreigners to speak Dutch, for he reckons that must be one of the cruelest ways of tortering someone ;))
  • Loves going abroad, and be a tourist himself, see this list
  • Always uses English when abroad, although he tries to use the foreign language from time to time also
  • Tries very hard, though, to understand the Greek language, Turkish language, and Bulgarian language, although he doesn't know when or why those interests have emerged
  • Loves music SO MUCH, that he, as part of the Y-generation is familiar with file sharing/ downloading, but at the same time believes in the real deal, so he buys many cds per year, which is quite hard, for he loves Greek music, Turkish music, Bulgarian music, Korean music, Israeli music, Arabic music, Japanese music, and the list goes on and on, so he is relying on many online shops situated around the globe, helping him to stay in this pleasant cd-obsession
  • Believes, in terms of Greek music, that both Despina Vandi and Anna Vissi are THE #1 artists of Greece, with Elena Paparizou possibly being the new heir to the throne
  • Sees that monterna laïka (Greek pop music), Türk pop (Turkish pop music), turbo-folk (pop music from the Western Balkans), chalga (Bulgarian pop-folk music), muzika mizrachit (Israeli pop music), and ughniyah (Arabic pop music) share many things in common
  • Reckons the same thing can be said about J-pop (Japanese pop music), C-pop (Chinese pop music), and K-pop (Korean pop music)
  • Also loves golden oldies, i.e. loves to listen to The Andrews Sisters as much as listening to ABBA, to the Spice Girls just as much as The Beach Boys, and to the Go-Go's just as much as Billie Holiday
  • Thinks that, with a semi-queer eye and a European point of view, in music there are 3 divas of decades; female singers that were able to reach the #1 spot in several decades, and are still much talked-about; Kylie Minogue (became better and more fun to listen after her terrible 80s-fase), Madonna (slowly went worse after her immaculate 80s-fase), and Cher (solo top 10 albums and singles in the '60s, '70s, '80s, '90s ánd '00s, with her biggest selling single and album both in her later career days... That just doesn't need any explanation, that just prooves that she rules :))
  • Has asked himself the question whether one of his friends is überdumb, or just plain naive, when that friend said he didn't know Blondie, so the chorus of The Tide Is High was sung, on which that friend shouted back: "I know that song!!! Wait... didn't Blondie cover that song from Atomic Kitten?"
  • Was still in doubt when that same friend, in responding to the fact that Debbie Harry made a song with Moby (New York, New York), asked: "Do you mean Moby Dick?"
  • And finally came to the conclusion it must be both of them, after that same friend said: "Cher, isn't she, like, a transsexual?" and "Oh, I confused her with Dana International... But Cher had something with her voice, right?" and, after hearing that in Cher's single Believe this was created by using a vocoder "Yes, that's what I meant! She used a decoder!"
  • Loves TV series just as much as music, thus owning a pile of dvds, which he enjoys to watch (and rewatch, and rewatch, etc. etc.)
  • Buys books every now and then, eventhough he knows that everytime he feels the urge to read, the books have to accept their loss againts their superiors; the music and the dvds, which, believe it or not, he reckons rather sad for the books, for he might think that his books may grow a low self-esteem from this, and the cds and dvds grow a (way over the top) high self-esteem, while he tries to cherish them all, and hopes that they all have grow a normal-sized self-esteem
  • Can talk on and on about anything and everything, but tries to keep humanity, or at least anyone who reads this, alive
  • So he should really stop this list right now :)

TV-series on DVD[edit]

Adventures Of The Gummi Bears Beautiful People The Care Bears Desperate Housewives Gilmore Girls Joan of Arcadia Keeping Up Appearances Little Britain Maude Popular Roseanne S1NGLE That '70s Show Ugly Betty The Vampire Diaries Will & Grace Xena: Warrior Princess
Afterlife Bionic Woman (2007 remake) Charlie's Angels•• Dungeons & Dragons The Golden Girls - Kreatief Met Kurk (Creative With Cork) The L-Word Medium - - Samantha Who? Thunderbirds - - - -
Ally McBeal - Charmed - Grey's Anatomy - - - Meiden Van De Wit (Girls From De Wit - - Sex And The City True Blood - - - -
- - Clash Of The Gods - - - - - Moonlight - - Silk Stalkings••• - - - - -
- - Cougar Town - - - - - - - - Star Trek: Voyager - - - - -
- - - - - - - - - - - Supernatural - - - - -

= my all-time favourite
•• = only the first season, for that was what made this show a cult hit
••• = only the first season, for that was the only one released after 2010

Note: I also have several individual dvd-boxes of TV-series. These are:

So to conclude things: yes, I am one giant TV-aholic. :D  :P


Favourite films[edit]

  1. Lilo & Stitch: a film that was developed for children, but because of the references to transvestism, Roswell, social work, voodoo, and loneliness arguably isn't.
  2. Elizabeth: a tiny bit of thriller, a bit of history, a lot of costume drama, and a whole damn lot of überstrong acting really make this... well, überstrong. :)
  3. The Crow: on one side a dark and opressing film, both in its looks and story, but on the other hand also a story full of hope, and o so catchy. Besides that: the film was half-way done when leading star Brandon Lee was killed by an accident on the set. It was decided that the computer should do the rest. Anno now nothing special, but back then, 1994, a real strong piece of technology.

Other films worth mentioning[edit]

Other films that I enjoy are:

Film Year of release Possible remarks by... well, moi :)
Freaks 1932 Everyone of us might feel like a freak sometime in our lives. Thát is just what gives this film its potentital! Many people dismiss the film, because of the real 'freaks' in the film, and although the superficial 'mutilations' might seem horrifying, it is the 'normal humans' that act not human, in fact, they act as brutal beasts. Through it all, eventhought this is a horrorfilm, this films still has a heart that's warm and human. In fact, the 'misfortuned people' in this film show a loyalty that is, nowadays, hardly seen in the 'normal' world. You might even reckon that this film has 'a happy end'...
King Kong (1933 film) 1933 In Nazi Europe the film was banned, because of "the film's subtextual threat to Aryan womanhood"… What else can I say? Thank god that it is now available on dvd? :D
Gone With The Wind 1939 Aah, this famous last sentense: "Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn"… How we all must have felt that sentense in a paticular part of life. :.) Besides that: I really feel for Vivien Leigh, for she endured so much. In that time and age, bipolar disorder wasn't all that known. How she must have suffered. :( If only the knowledge of now could be implemented back then…
Sissi 1955 An unreal, but still lovely, story about this old European royal house; the Habsburg Monarchy, ruling over the Austrian-Hungarian empire. God, how much people have lived through/with Sisi and/or Romy Schneider.
Psycho 1960 A classic. I loved every of the entire 104+ minutes of this film. And being a horror-freak, I do bow for this classic. :)
What Ever Happened To Baby Jane? 1962 Those two damn gals were 'old news', but because of this film they came back oh so strong! :D
The Sound of Music 1965 The only musical/ semi-musical that I will EVER like, so don't even try to feed me any other, 'aight? ;)
Bonnie & Clyde 1967 A classic, people! And don't we all, from time to time, want to be some sort of Bonny and/ or Clyde? :)
Halloween 1978 I really thought this film was all that wen I first saw it. That thought has never changed ever since. And god, how good is Jamie Lee Curtis in this film?
The Fog 1980 Again, Jamie Lee Curtis in a great Scream Queen-role.
Friday The 13th 1980 Just a downright gay ol' slasher film. :)
A Nightmare On Elm Street (and the ANOES-franchise) 1984 Everyone who ever saw ythis film must have had some rubbish dreams the night after seeing it, right? :)
The Hellraiser franchise 1987 till 2005 I especially loved the Cenobites.
IT 1990 One of my reasons to not trust clowns. The other being Clown Bassie. In fact, I always reckoned pierrots more lifelike, and léss scary.
The Swan Princess 1994 A wonderful animated film for both young and old. Unfortunately, it was followed by two rubbish sequals. :(
Pocahontas 1995 I just loved the nature-theme in it, which I think Disney captured rather good.
The Hunchback of Notre Dame 1996 Eventhough this is not really how the story ends, it still made a big expression on me when I was young.
Titanic 1997 It really made a big impression on me, and above all I've grown an admiration for the oh so talented Kate Winslett. Jesus, Mary, and Joseph and a camel, how much I'd like to see EVERY actress to be like her! :D Talent, beauty (whether 'fat' or 'thin(ner)'), I reckon her as someone who could/ should mark this new age!
Anastasia 1997 God, how I wish to know how the stories of Anastasia have went. Want happened to her and the royal family, for real? How did imperial Russia collapse? This animated film wont give you the answers, but at least let you be a part of the magic.
Halloween H20 1998 This shows why, in my opinion, it is a fact that Jamie Lee Curtis is the nowadays Scream Queen! Ain't no one got anythin' on her, ya'll! ;)

… and dozens of other films. :)

Music that I love so much[edit]

Here's a list of some artists and/or albums that I greatly appreciate. :)

Voice type[edit]

In terms of voice type, I can really be touched by these singers. :.)

Artist Country
Ofra Haza/עפרה חזה Israel
Mando/Μαντώ Greece
Sertab Turkey
Mylène Farmer Canada (Quebec)/ France
Rita/ריטה Israel
Loreena McKennitt Canada
Betra Berger Netherlands

About (me on) Wikipedia[edit]

For me, Wikipedia is:[edit]

  • An encyclopædia that is always accurate, since everyone is welcome to change/ edit something.
  • A big source for many things, since everyone can edit on Wikipedia. That's a big pro, for two persons know more than one. Imagine what some 7 billion people (can/ do) know :-)
  • A place where I get lost rather a lot. I mean, it's nice to wander around in the world called Wikipedia, but just take a random topic, search, and let the highlighted words (links) on that page do the rest. Perhaps you started to look some info about Amsterdam, and before you know it, you may end up on a page about toiletpaper (for those of you who want to find out if this specific example is possible; not that I know. It was just a matter of speaking. However, if you do have found the links, let me know :-D) (now I know: Amsterdam->Industrial Revolution->Textile manufacturing->Ply->Toilet paper. :-D With many thnx to Taemyr, for figuring it out!! :-))

Things that have my attention[edit]

Attention in terms of creating/changing[edit]

Actually, many things have my attention. Like I said; one can wander off without even realising. So many times I see things that I'd like to change. I also started some pages of my own, not too much, but minor articles. Two of them are Zirve, and Hande'ye Neler Oluyor?. I also like to see to it that sources are added, and if not, that text is removed. As of recently I am trying to do something with my photos. You can find some of them here.

"Scream queen" article[edit]

The Scream queen article was só utterly rubbish (almost every female person that knows how to scream must've been on that list, or so it seems ;)), that I started working on a new version. This new version, which can be viewed on Robster1983/Scream queen, has been implemented in the article, so that this changed into this. On a regular basis I check the article, just to see if no unsourced names have been added.

Attention in terms of using the info[edit]

Many articles about cities and countries on wikipedia are sometimes even so full of information, that some things may even come as a surprise to the locals in that particular city/ country. I have used, and shall use, it quite often before going abroad. :D

A wiki-PS[edit]

I and IP adress / IP adress are one and the same. Sometimes I just don't feel like logging in. If leaving a message on a talkpage, however, I'm ALWAYS logged in.

The photos I took and shared on wikipedia[edit]

See: User:Robster1983/Photos

Friendly gestures received from fellow Wikipedians[edit]


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The Good Friend Award
a belated thank you for your kind words on the Sarah Palin talk page KeithbobTalk 17:44, 3 February 2011 (UTC)

(Received by Keithbob on 3 February 2011)


You get a cigar!

(Received by victorgrigas on 17 February 2011)


(This smile is been given by Ben Gershon, on 7 March, 2011)

Cities and countries that I have visited and want to visit[edit]

Already visited (In order of the year of my visit):[edit]

Year City Region Country
1999 London England United Kingdom, EU
2000 Los Angeles California United States
2000 Las Vegas Nevada United States
2000 Modesto California United States
2000 San Francisco California United States
2003 Brussel/ Bruxelles Brussels Capital Region Belgium, EU
2004 Paris Île-de-France France, EU
2005 Münster North Rhine-Westphalia Germany, EU
2005 Berlin Berlin State Germany, EU
2006 Newcastle upon Tyne England United Kingdom, EU
2006 Alacant/ Alicante Autonomous Community Of Valencia Spain, EU
2006 València/ Valencia Autonomous Community Of Valencia Spain, EU
2006 Elx/ Elche Autonomous Community Of Valencia Spain, EU
2006 Granada Autonomous Community Of Andalusia Spain, EU
2006 Berlin Berlin State Germany, EU
2007 Köln North Rhine-Westphalia Germany, EU
2007 San Francisco California United States
2007 Sacramento California United States
2007 Oakland California United States
2008 Gent Flanders, East Flanders Belgium, EU
2008 Brugge Flanders, West Flanders Belgium, EU
2008 Antwerpen Flanders, Antwerp province Belgium, EU
2008 Tel Aviv-Jaffa/ Tel Aviv-Yafo (תל אביב-יפו)/ Tall ʼAbib-Jaffa (تل أبيب) Tel Aviv District Israel
2008 Haifa/ Heifa (חיפה)/ Hayfa (حَيْفَا) Haifa District Israel
2008 Jerusalem/ Yerushaláyim (ירושלים)/ al-Quds Sharif (القُدس) Jerusalem District Israel
2009 Cairo/ al-Qahira (القاهرة) Cairo Governorate Egypt
2009 Giza/ al-Gizah (الجيزة) Giza Governorate Egypt
2009 Memphis/ Men-nefer (ممفس) Giza Governorate Egypt
2009 Saqqara/ Saqqarah (سقارة‎) Giza Governorate Egypt
2009 Alexandria/ al-Iskandariyya (الإسكندرية) Alexandria Governorate Egypt
2009 Faiyum‎/ al-Faiyum (الفيوم) Faiyum Governorate Egypt
2009 Hong Kong (香港 (Heung Kôong)) Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China People's Republic of China
2009 Macau (澳門 (Àomén)) Macau Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China People's Republic of China
2009 Shenzhen (深圳/ 深圳市 (Shēnzhèn)) Guangdong People's Republic of China
2009 İstanbul Istanbul Province Turkey, EU candidate state
2010 New York City New York United States
2010 Boston Massachusetts United States
2010 Cambridge Massachusetts United States
2010 Praha Prague Capital City Czech Republic, EU
2010 New Orleans Louisiana United States

Cities/ countries I am curious about, and hope to visit someday:[edit]

  • And many more cities and countries.


Talk page[edit]

If needed/ wanted, then one can contact me via my talk page.


If that, for whatever reason, does not have your preference, then you are welcome to email me.

Social contact sites[edit]


If just for social contact, which I also like a lot, then you are more than welcome to find me on Facebook.

All The Lyrics/ATL[edit]

I'm also a member of this wonderful group of people who help translating songs for one another. Since I LOVE music from almost any part of the world, I was searching for translations on the W3. Not long after that, I came across All The Lyrics/ATL. With me it started out with just 1 Greek song and 2 Turkish songs, but not long after that I became involved in it a lot; people have translated Turkish, Greek, Bulgarian, Arabic, etc. sons for me, and I do my best translating Dutch songs into English. You can findmy space over there at ATL.