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Hello, I am Prism (but I'd rather have everyone calling me Pedro or PJ). I registered in March 2008 because... well, If I'm going to be 100% honest about it, I just wanted to write my own versions of the pages with fancruft material, hoaxes, etc. I was a bit childish when I entered, plus I didn't know English very well so my edits were extremely annoying. Well, the predictable happened: I got several warnings, threatens of block, reverts, all you can imagine, so I left. Obviously I didn't leave Wikipedia entirely, as it's really helpful, but I stopped editing. In August 2013, I returned after seeing the articles for things that I appreciated—which were in awful condition. Since then I haven't left (yet) and became a reasonably good editor, with better English and better notions of what Wikipedia is as well. Since then, I have promoted 13 articles to GAs; 3 lists to FLs and four articles I contributed to were featured in the DYK column.

Now, about my preferences. I enjoy listening to 90% of all music in the world, to be honest. I like everything but "violent" music, such as heavy metal (but I still like some types of rock; preferrably indie). That being said, I'm a fan of some singers, such as Katy Perry, Rihanna and Ashley Tisdale. This doesn't mean I'm a fanatic who can't criticize anything about them; thankfully, I'm rational. Consequently, I own some (a lot, actually) CDs of them and more, which are listed below (if you need information found on their booklets or anything, contact me). I have easily seen more than 500 films in my life but I don't remember them, however if you want a general idea on that, I don't like those sagas of movies which form cults of obsessed fans; I do like clever comedies and well-constructed dramas (but not Nicholas Sparks-style). I have been a fan of The Simpsons since my days of childhood, and I have watched every single episode until season 22, but I haven't watched anything else because the quality is declining constantly. I absolutely love How I Met Your Mother (even its finale, yes) as well. I think that's it! (*phew*)