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Greetings. My name is Rosalina2427 (as I go by online). Rosalina is not my real name. I went on Wikipedia for the first time in 2007 (or 2008), but I became a registered user in 2010. I go around Wikipedia correcting spelling/grammar errors, editing hurricane stuff that needs to be updated, creating new userboxes, updating this page, and checking out the Teahouse even with my ever-busy schedule. It is somewhat rare to find me on Wikipedia now, because I am busy, especially during late August-late May. I am most active during mid-late December, early January, weekends (sometimes), and June-early August. Thanks for visiting this user page. Have a good day.

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Based on age, I am a WikiTeen, but I do not stand for vandalism, so, I passed the stage of WikiTeen.

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A cross section of a post-clitellum segment of an annelid (ringed worm); almost all segments of an annelid contain the same set of organs and parts, a pattern called metamerism. Annelids have no lungs, but rather exchange carbon dioxide and oxygen directly through the moist skin when blood reaches the extremely fine capillaries of the body walls; a dry worm cannot breathe and will die of suffocation. The worm's red blood, which does not consist of platelets or red cells but mostly of a liquid containing suspended hemoglobin, makes a circuit up and down the animal in its closed circulatory systems.

Diagram: K.D. Schroeder
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