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I'm a researcher at the University of British Columbia, working on the evolution, mechanism and function of DNA uptake (natural competence and transformation) in Haemophilus influenzae. My lab's work also extends to other Pasteurellaceae and to competence in other groups of bacteria.

My lab web page is at Redfield Lab.

I also have a research blog called RRResearch.

I have created a sub-page for revising the Transformation (genetics) article here: User:Rosieredfield/draft Transformation article.

And a sub-page for revising the Natural Competence (Competence (biology)) article here: User:Rosieredfield/draft Competence article.

And a sub-page for creating a new Artificial Competence article here: User:Rosieredfield/draft Artificial competence article.

My Wikipedia Sandbox is here: