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Summer 2014:

San Diego / Imperial

Fall 2014:

Riverside / San Bernardino

Winter 2015: Spring 2015:
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Who is Rschen7754?

My statistics are below, but in short, I started out as a roads editor and became an admin in late 2005. For a while I branched out into admin and crosswiki work, but I still remained involved with the U.S. Roads (USRD) project, and wrote articles about roads. Now, I no longer have the time that I once did, so that trend is reversing, and more of the limited time that I have is going to roads. So it goes on Wikimedia, I guess.

English Wikipedia
  • OTRS agent with access to info-en(f), permissions, Wikidata, Wikivoyage, stewards, and oversight-wikidata queues (access to system October 2012–present)
  • Steward on all WMF projects (February 2014–present)
  • Admin on: Wikidata (January 2013–present), Meta-Wiki (June 2013–present), (July 2013–January 2015), English Wikivoyage (January 2013–June 2014)
  • Oversighter on: Wikidata (September 2013–present)

Contacting me

Nowadays, I'm not as easy to contact as I used to be. Talkpage or email is best to contact me; if I seem to have forgotten to answer after a few days, go ahead and ping me again.

Major contributions

Featured articles

A-Class articles

Good articles

Did you know?

My role in USRD

I was the founder of Wikipedia:WikiProject U.S. Roads. I took care of virtually all the infrastructure to keep the project running in the beginning, until other editors stepped in. While we had our issues in earlier years, today we are one of the most renowned projects on the English Wikipedia for our productivity. There are no official project leaders, but myself and a few other editors step in to keep the project running and all the project pages maintained.

My primary editing is in the state of California, where I am currently working to get all the San Diego County, Imperial County, San Bernardino County, and Riverside County highway articles to GA or FA.


"Don't stuff beans up your nose." – WP:BEANS

Your job is hard. No matter how well you perform your duties, some will say you have been too lenient. Some will say you have been too strict. And some will say that you've been inconsistent or arbitrary. Likewise, some will criticize you for moving too quickly, and others will criticize you for moving too slowly.
Strive to be none of those things, neither too lenient nor too strict, neither too quick nor too slow. And never inconsistent or arbitrary. But know that you will face those claims anyway. Face those claims with friendliness and dignity, and all will be fine in the end. – Jimbo Wales [1]

But programs that actively damage this project must be discontinued, not hid behind outreach as a shield. – Courcelles [2]

I'm pretty hard-pressed to consider this the "largest-ever systematic effort of the Wikimedia mouvement to boost high quality content creation". There are several wikiprojects that easily top this effort, and I'd say that they're fairly systematic too. (Wikiproject Military History immediately comes to mind, but roads, medicine, and several others are well up there.) – Risker [3]

A phenomenon I've seen increasingly frequently in the past years is people setting themselves up in the role of a "critic of authority" and using that as a shield for their misbehaviour. Whenever someone tries to put them to task over the disruption, cue the cries of "They're trying to silence a critic!" The sad thing? It works more often than not. Most of the administrators then turn a blind eye and avoid acting for fear of being "repressive" given our powerful culture against that – and the arbitrators are even more strongly tied up given the scrutiny. – Coren [4]

When someone screams about "admin abuse", it's most likely true – they're probably abusing admins again. If there's a block involved, expect to see a battalion of sockpuppets in short order, making even more shrill cries of admin wrongdoing. – User:Antandrus/observations on Wikipedia behavior

In a similar "ask to reconsider" vein, I would point out that you appear to be conflating "administrator" with "has never written an article or otherwise contributed to Wikipedia content". Could I perhaps urge you to reconsider that notion? – Fluffernutter [5]

Being civil is the recognition that those you interact with are also human beings and deserve to be treated as such. It means striving to not demean or attack, to remain polite (yes, politeness is superficial, but it's also important), to listen, and to accept. It means being able to agree to disagree, and that the "other" isn't a moron because they disagree with you. Maybe they're wrong. Maybe you are. Are you a moron because you were wrong?
It doesn't mean never loosing your temper, it means not treating people you're angry with like crap. You don't have to call someone an "idiot" to treat them like idiots. Being rough around the edges or using strong language isn't a problem, routinely telling people you disagree with to "fuck off" is – not because you used the word "fuck" but because it shows lack of respect.
In the end, it's all about treating other editors as peers, not as plebs that can't possibly understand your genius, or as adversaries. That is what the civility pillar is about: work with each other. – Coren [6]

Civility is more than the sum of the individual words that have been said. – NuclearWarfare [7]

I have 100 sockpuppets. So what? My sockpuppets' contribution in Wikipedia (english & greek) is very serious. I just like having sockpuppets. This doesn't mean I want to destroy Wikipedia. Wikipedia's policy on sockpuppets is wrong. My sockpuppets are always doing a serious job. – el:User:Picker78 [8]

You guys don't know how random it is to not check Wikipedia for a while and then come back and you're all singing Bohemian Rhapsody. – Scott5114 [9]

Be part of the turnaround... now become part of the solution! – Me [10]



Although I am a steward, and this role does influence my views on policy, comments that I make on the English Wikipedia do not necessarily represent the views of stewards, and are made in my capacity as an editor or local administrator, unless expressly stated otherwise. As the English Wikipedia is one of my home wikis, I do not perform steward actions here unless they are entirely uncontroversial, or in the event of an emergency.

I am an active content writer, and my comments on most content-related issues are in my role as a content editor, not as an administrator. While my role as an administrator certainly does affect my interpretation of our content policies and guidelines, per w:en:WP:INVOLVED I only perform noncontroversial actions in the roads subject area, and do not enforce most content policies or guidelines in this area with the use of administrative tools (with a few limited exceptions such as WP:BLP).

I believe that holders of advanced permissions should be accountable for their actions. Thus, my global recall/resignation pledge is located at m:User:Rschen7754/Resigning.

On this wiki, for the administrator permission, I will also accept a more traditional recall procedure. Thus, I adopt User:Courcelles/Recall as it was in this diff, with the amendment that four of the uninvolved editors must be administrators, and that any editor under a community sanction cannot initiate or certify a recall.

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Please contact me at w:en:User talk:Rschen7754. WikiProject U.S. Roads
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