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I'm studying for a Ph.D. in computer science at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, in the GroupLens lab. My focus is recommender systems. I recently interned at Google and worked on improving the Google Maps and Google Now experience for tourists.

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Get quite a few others from virtual reality timeline section and move specific systems from Template:Mixed_reality to this new navbox

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  • Sports rating system
    • Power ranking and power rating is the assignment of scores, often to sports teams, to determine relative quality. Power ranking methods range from tabulation of human expert votes to sophisticated computer programs.
    • Motivation
      • The problem of judging the relative quality of teams who have not played each other, using game outcomes between shared opponents. In this way sports rating systems are different than an ordered list of teams for a statistical category, such as tackles or points scored. Sports rating systems inherently make use of teams' strength of schedule, though its implementation varies widely between systems.
    • Difference between ranking and rating
    • Examples
      • Sports
        • BCS
        • RPI
        • NFL articles every week on ESPN, CBS, et al
      • Non-sports
        • TV shows
    • Practitioners
    • Methods
    • Related questions
      • Prediction of record at season's end; likely playoff chance and depth of success. See March Madness. Clearly distinct from but related to ratings.


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