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Did You Know[edit]

Article Picture Did You Know...? Date Views
Ashbourne Hall Ashbourne Hall Hotel postcard 1900.jpg ... that in 1846, Ashbourne Hall and its Derbyshire estate were withdrawn from a sale and sold later in 46 lots by a local solicitor? 6 December 2010 2257
Locko Preceptory Grandes armes OSLJ.svg ... that Locko Preceptory is the only recorded Lazarite Preceptory in England? 12 April 2013 1274
Gresley Priory Church Gresley Church St Geo and St Mary.jpg ... that Gresley Parish Church was originally an Augustinian priory, founded in the 12th century? 21 April 2013 1531
Harrington House Harrington House, 13 Kensington Palace Garden.jpg ... that the Earl of Harrington's former London townhouse, Harrington House, is currently the official home of the Russian Ambassador to the UK? 2 May 2013 2184
St. James Priory, Derby Blason Abbaye Cluny.svg ... that the Corporation of Derby used to pay two pounds of wax, annually, to the monks of St. James Priory, for the right to cross St. James Bridge? 9 May 2013 1729
Derby Blackfriars Coat of Arms of the Dominican Order.png ... that in 1344 Derby Black Friary was ransacked by a group of over 40 men, who stole £60 worth of goods? 13 May 2013 3444
King's Mead Priory Medalla San Benito.PNG ... that King's Mead Priory was the only Benedictine Nunnery in Derbyshire? 18 May 2013 1066
Leicester Abbey Leicester Abbey nave and cloister.jpg ... that after Cardinal Thomas Wolsey died at Leicester Abbey in 1530, his body was put on display so it could be viewed by the people of Leicester? 25 May 2013 5786
*(1102 from Leicester Abbey; 4684 from Cardinal Wolsey)
Beeston Priory The ruins of St Mary's Priory - - 790316.jpg ... that in 1317, a canon from Beeston Priory had to travel to Rome to seek absolution from Pope John XXII for attacking the Bishop of Norwich with a sword? 26 May 2013 1290
*(862 from Beeston Priory; 428 from Pope John XXII)
St Helen's Priory, Derby ... that St Helen's Priory, Derby became a hospital in 1160, after the majority of its canons transferred to nearby Darley Abbey in 1157? 27 May 2013 714
*(526 from St Helen's Priory, Derby; 188 from Darley Abbey)
Rothley Temple Templar Chapel at Rothley Court Hotel - - 1639714 (CROPPED).jpg ... that Rothley Temple was a preceptory of both the Knights Templar and the Knights Hospitallers? 30 May 2013 4254
Repton Priory A Plan of Repton Priory.jpg ... that having paid a large fine, Repton Priory was reestablished after the first Dissolution of the Monasteries, only to be dissolved again the following year? 11 June 2013 2353
Repton Abbey St Alfthritha at St Wystan's.jpg ... that Repton Abbey is traditionally thought to have been founded by Saint David, and is the burial place of two Mercian Kings? 12 June 2013 2517
Norton Juxta Twycross Norton Grange.jpg ... that Norton Juxta Twycross's former rectory has been a zoo since the 1960s? 19 June 2013 1408
Longleat Priory ... that Longleat Priory was suppressed in 1529, seven years before Henry VIII started his Dissolution of the Monasteries? 19 June 2013 1954
Heather Preceptory St. John the Baptist, Heather - - 119402.jpg ... that Heather Preceptory was founded around the turn of the 13th century by the Knights Hospitallers? 21 June 2013 1669
Garendon Abbey ... that Garendon Abbey was already partially ruinous when it was dissolved in 1536?" 24 June 2013 2038
Langley Priory ...that in the 13th century, the Benedictine nuns of Langley Priory claimed to belong to the Cistercian Order to avoid paying tax on their land? 30 June 2013 654
Garendon Hall Garendon Hall.jpg ... that when Garendon Hall was demolished in 1964, the building's rubble was used in the construction of the M1 motorway? 30 June 2013 2054
Hinckley Priory The Priory House, Hinckley.jpg ... that Hinckley Priory in Leicestershire, England, was an alien monastery, dependent on Lyre Abbey in Normandy, France? 30 June 2013 814
Broadholme ... that until 1989, the village of Broadholme in Lincolnshire was located in Nottinghamshire? 3 August 2013 953 *792 + 105 + 56
Broadholme Priory ... that Broadholme Priory was one of only two female houses of the Premonstratensian Order in England? 5 August 2013 1770
*832 + 938
Felley Priory Felley Priory - - 18668.jpg ... that Felley Priory received charters of confirmation from three popes: Alexander III, Celestine III and Gregory IX? 6 August 2013 1598
*1130 + 174 + 147 + 147
Nottingham Whitefriars Coat of arms of the Carmelite order (simple).svg ... that the Prior of Nottingham Carmelite Friary was pardoned after he killed a friar during a drunken fight? 11 August 2013 766
*384 + 138 + 344
Barking Abbey St Margaret's, Barking - DSC06985.JPG ... that Barking Abbey's (pictured) former abbesses include three saints, three queens, two king's daughters, and the sister of Thomas Becket? 24 August 2013 4368
*3577 + 297 + 494
Mattersey Priory Mattersey Priory 1.jpg ... that Mattersey Priory's (pictured) church was destroyed by fire and was never rebuilt? 29 August 2013 5773
David Baldwin (historian) ... that British historian David Baldwin successfully predicted the location of King Richard III's remains over twenty-five years before they were discovered? 5 September 2013 4944
*3881 + 0 + 1063update with figures from both sides later

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