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Here are the userboxes I have created (note: having a userbox here does not necessarily mean it describes me, see User:Saimdusan for the userboxes I am using):

Userboxes Template
PakistanIndia This user is a Punjabi
Punjabis.PNG This user is of Punjabi ancestry.
Flag of Russia.svg This user is of Russian ancestry.
Flag of Serbia.svg This user is of Serb ancestry.
South asia.jpg This user is a member of the South Asia Wikiproject.
{{User:Saimdusan/Userboxes/WPSouth Asia}} or {{Template:User Wikiproject South Asia}}
Lotus-buddha.svg This user was once a Buddhist.
agn This user used to be an agnostic.
Flag of Austria.svg This user is of distant German-Austrian ancestry. Flag of Austria.svg
Punjabis.PNG This user is a third generation Punjabi.
KosovoTibetBasque Country (autonomous community)ScotlandNorthern Ireland This user supports secessionist and autonomist groups so long as a majority of the people living within the region in question support secession or further autonomy, that it is achieved through nonviolent means only and that the minority that do not support independence are treated with respect.
Flag of Pakistan.svg Flag of India.svg Jammu-Kashmir-flag.svg
This user supports the self-determination of each constituent ethnic region of Kashmir, whether the ultimate decision be independence, union with Pakistan, or union with India.
Kashmir alt.png
Flag of India.svg
This user supports the unification of Kashmir with India.