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I joined wikipedia in 2004 with my occasional edits. Since 2005, I have been regularly contributing to wikipedia articles (on art, science, literature, culture and history) under pen name, Sangak! I am most proud ;) of initiating Greater Iran and Science in Iran!


Examples of the articles that I initiated:

  • Science and Technology:

I initiated several articles on various scientific topics close to my research interests:

Award Message From
BoNM - Iran.png I hearby award you the The Barnstar of Iran's Merit of Excellence for taking lots and lots of *** in trying to improve and enhance articles pertaining to Iran's culture and heritage. Zereshk
I hearby award you "Cyrus the Great" Merit of Excellence Award" for your tireless efforts to create and enhance articles on the Iranian cultural and historical heritage. ParthianShot
Original Barnstar.png Barnstar, awarded by Jahangard to Sangak for his relentless effort in creating and expanding Iran-related articles. Jahangard
Original Barnstar.png For your superb contributions & hard difficulties in Abbas Kiarostami MehranVB
The Abbas Kiarostami Award for Iranian cinema: I Ernst Stavro Blofeld present you with this Iranian barnstar for all of the hard work and persistance you've put into Abbas Kiarostami and your work on Iranian related articles. Abbas is proud of you! Your contribution is much appreciated! Sir Blofeld

My contribution lists:


Some links:

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