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Veteran Editor II

My name is Sarah-Jane and I'm from Northern Ireland. My education has mostly been in Biomedical science and Genetics, although I'm currently working as an analytical chemist. While I find it more interesting to edit articles on subjects where I can learn something new in the process, I am happy to lend my expertise on relevant science articles if necessary or on request.

At the moment I am mostly doing some gnoming as well as anti-vandal work, new page patrol and working at AfD. I have a list of Northern Ireland geography articles which I am currently working on expanding, or plan to start in the near future. When I have time I have been creating articles listed on WikiProject Missing encyclopedic articles, usually on animal species.

Current and future projects

Details of what needs to be done for each article is on my to do list. Any help or advice with these articles is welcomed and appreciated.

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Pages I've created so far[edit]


DNA Double Helix.png WikiProject Genetics
Crystal personal.svg WikiProject Biography
Question mark.svg WikiProject Missing encyclopedic articles
CVU.svg Counter-Vandalism Unit


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Countries I've visited listed from the most to least amount of fun I had there:[edit]

 Bolivia  Peru  Chile  Honduras  Spain  USA  Brazil  Portugal  France
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