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To finish / do[edit]

Formatting etc[edit]

"Wrap {{BASEPAGENAME}} inside {{#titleparts...}} in case category name contains an apostrophe. See warning box at mw:Help:Magic words#Page names." (User:John of Reading)

CSS classes[edit]

from Wikipedia:Catalogue of CSS classes#Classes

  • boilerplate
  • collapsible, collapsed, autocollapse, innercollapse/outercollapse
  • collapseButton
  • floatright, floatleft, floatnone
  • hlist
    • hwrap
  • infobox
  • plainlist
  • navbox
    • navbox-title, navbox-group, navbox-abovebelow
    • NavFrame, NavHead, NavPic, NavContent
  • nowrap, wrap
    • nowraplinks, wraplinks
  • sortable, sortarrow, sortbottom, sortheader, unsortable
  • toccolours
  • vcard
  • wikitable

noticed elsewhere

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