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Hello, I'm Sas1998 :) I love Formula One, Doctor Who, and Andermatt ski resort, as well as, of course, Wikipedia. Big Ferrari fan :) I like Doppelmayr too.


Obviously, on Wikipedia, to assume authority or ownership of any article or page is wrong1. And just to reassure you, I'm not doing that now, I'm simply telling you which articles I played a large part in.

Articles I Created[edit]

Articles I Developed[edit]

Major Developments[edit]

Formula One[edit]

Large Developments[edit]


None at present

Formula One[edit]

Here is a list of Formula One article major edits made, with the first edit on each article in rough chronological order.

Formula E[edit]

Here is a list of Formula E article major edits made, with the first edit on each article in rough chronological order.


Minor Developments[edit]

Obviously there will always be a few articles which aren't worth mentioning, where perhaps just a small detail was worked on. It could be a spelling or a formatting change. Of course, I have contributed to plenty of talk pages, and my own user page and sandbox. These edits include creating the 2012 and 2013 US Grand Prix, La Ferrari, List of BR classes, List of Google Doodles in 2013, Scuderia Ferrari Results, and The black market redirect pages, and a tiny edit of the Melbourne Grand Prix Circuit page.

^1 - It is wrong

Uploaded pictures[edit]

These are the pictures I have uploaded to Wikimedia Commons.


Talk Page[edit]

Feel free to leave me a message!