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Sadly, I am the author of this essay... WikiBigotry

About me...[edit]

I joined Wikipedia on 10 December 2007.
I have made contributions and edits to over 1,200 unique pages.
See my recent Wikipedia contributions: by clicking here.


Banjo related articles[edit]

bnj-3 This user is an advanced banjo player.
Wikipedia-logo-v2.svg This user is a participant in WikiProject Jazz.

I have been a 4-string banjo player and musician for 35+ years, over 3/4's of my life. So I consider myself a part of the banjo community as well as being decently known (or non-anonymous at the very least). I have also performed on local, national, and international television shows, I collect antique banjos, and perform with an all banjo band that averages 70-80 public performances a year. If you are going to revert or otherwise challenge an edit on this subject, I simply ask that you communicate with me first.

Cars, Hot rods, & Racing[edit]

Bugatti Type 57 Atalante 1936.jpg This user is a member of WikiProject Automobiles.
'34 3-window flame job.JPG This user loves custom cars.
'altered vision' fi (modern) altered.jpg This user enjoys drag racing.

I am a die-hard hot rodder and enjoy all aspects of the hobby and lifestyle. Over the course of my life I have upgraded and built cars, drag raced, showed cars at various major shows all around California, been on long distance trips in classic cars, and just thoroughly made the effort to own and drive fun cars.

I have been graced to know or meet some of the icons and "who's who" of the automotive world. Some of these people include George and Shirley Barris, Roy Brizio, Andy Brizio, Ron Covell, Ed Iskaderian, Chip Foose, 'Fat' Jack Robinson, Don Tognotti, Don Prudhomme, Shirley Muldowney, Don Garlits, Bud Bryan, Gary Meadors, Ed Bagdasarian, Gene Winfield, Joe Wilhelm, Thom Taylor, and the list will go on as long as I am a hot rodder.

Cowboy Action Shooting[edit]

The Cow Boy 1888.jpg This user supports Cowboy action shooting.

This is one of the worlds fastest growing shooting sports. Also known as "cowboy three gun", it involves dressing in late 1800's era costume, strapping on a pair of single action revolvers, and the use of a pre-1899 rifle and shotgun. The object is to shoot at targets arranged in a particular course of fire in as little time as possible and without missing.

The primary organization that governs this sport is the Single Action Shooting Society (S.A.S.S.) who administers the sport's rules and regulations along maintaining a registry of its members. Each member has a unique number corresponding to the order that they joined the organization along with a personally selected alias; no two members have the same alias. These aliases are used to further enhance the cowboy nature of the sport and spirit of the game.

I have been a S.A.S.S. member since 1998 and my membership number is in the 15,XXX range. I am also a level one Range Officer (R.O.) and have been past Territorial Governor. I have competed at numerous "End of Trail" world championships as well as state and regional competitions. As a result of my involvement, I have become a collector of antique cowboy era firearms and often attend shows and auctions featuring these items. Additionally, I have had gunsmith training. I will admit that I do not possess the firearm knowledge that, for example, Greg Martin (the first arms & armor expert for the TV show Antiques Roadshow) or a full time firearms dealer, but after over a decade of collecting I know more than most.

Hanna Barbera Cartoons[edit]

I am a former employee of Hanna-Barbera Studios, Cartoon Network, Turner Broadcasting and Time-Warner and I'll leave it at that.... :)

Just a little more about me...[edit]

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