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ScottDavis (talk · contribs · blocks · protections · deletions · page moves · rights · RfA) has been an administrator since November 2005.

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I live in the northern suburbs of Adelaide. I had read articles in Wikipedia over several years. I finally joined at the beginning of 2005, and started filling in some gaps in things I know something about. Most of the articles I've created or added to are about South Australian geography - towns, highways, regions, rivers. Most of them are quite short and marked as stubs, in the hopes that someone else will add info I didn't know. I'm gradually expanding my interests. I have tried to assist with the historic Australian Politics articles and also a few other Australian topics, as well as edits for places I've been to or other articles I read and notice problems with.


ACOTF.png No article

is currently the Australian Collaboration of the Fortnight selected article.

Recent collaborations: Brown Mountain forest · Howard Government · Field day · Tirari Desert · Murrumbidgee River

I contribute to a number of areas of WikiProject Australia:

  • I am a member of the WikiProject Adelaide, but my interest is really all of South Australia, not just the Adelaide metropolitan area.
  • WikiProject Australian places covers all places in Australia, especially if not under a more specific wikiproject. I actively search for articles on Australian towns and suburbs that are either misnamed or not categorised, and name and categorise them properly. I am also adding coordinates from Geoscience Australia to many of them. The results of coordinate tagging in Wikipedia can be seen by Stefan Kühn having created a Google Earth dataset[1].

WikiProject Geographical coordinates has some good ideas about standardising representation of location in articles, and being able to do useful things with locations such as displaying locator maps, maps of places, and maps of areas highlighting links to all Wikipedia articles about things in that area. My main contribution has been to add coordinates to South Australian town articles, and working through other geographic features, and other states, but slower. WikiMiniAtlas is a handy way of checking that coordinates are roughly right, and finding other nearby articles.

I support the Wikiproject Stub Sorting in helping to move stubs and short articles to the stub categories where they might be best noticed by experts. I would encourage all Australians to review the Australia stubs category and its subcategories and see if you can expand a few articles. I also created the Oceania and Caribbean stub categories and put the initial articles in them.

I support but am not a member of WikiProject Formula One, WikiProject A1 Grand Prix and the Australian military history task force.

The Red Link Recovery Project was an interesting way to read more of Wikipedia, and help the project, too.

Wikipedia milestones

I started this table when 1000 edits sounded like a lot. Of course, since then I've become more involved, and joined stub sorting and red link recovery wikiprojects which lead to much larger numbers of smaller edits. Whenever I find an article with no category, I try to add at least one relevant category to it.

Using AWB to fix links to articles that have moved (such as Cork and Bath) also pushes up the edit count quite quickly.

Edits ( all namespaces) since 2 January 2005 (there have also been a few anonymous ones):
Edits Date Article
1000 14 May 2005 1995 Formula One season
2000 21 June 2005 South Australian Electoral Distrcits (moved a mis-spelling)
3000 26 July 2005 Westminster, Western Australia
4000 9 September 2005 Wikipedia:Australian Collaboration of the Fortnight
5000 16 October 2005 STW-9 (sorting obvious Australia-stubs to Perth-stubs)
4000 in article namespace 25 October 2005 Woodville Football Club (fixed red link, category)
4 November 2005 Appointed as an administrator
6000 edits 20 November 2005 Pru Goward (categories)
7000 edits 10 February 2006 American River, South Australia (coordinates)
6000 in article namespace 9 March 2006 Electoral district of Mawson (new article before state election)
8000 edits 11 March 2006 Dubai Ports World controversy (disambiguate, clarify, wikilink)
over 10,000 I lost count when the counters were unreliable
over 15,000 Around December 2006
over 19,000 Around August 2007
20,000 9 March 2008 Wikipedia:Australian Collaboration of the Fortnight‎
latest count latest edit latest non-minor edit

To see a current count for any user, use

Good ways of increasing your edit count include

Bad ways include edit wars, arguments on project pages, wikivandalism.

My contributions

You can review

I also have a list of most categories and articles I have created.

  • I have made sure all the state postcode lists have wikilinks to all the towns.

Awards and achievements

I have been awarded several barnstars and other awards.

Images/photos I've contributed

See /Images or an automatic gallery of my contributions to Commons

Things I still want to do

(reminders to myself - feel free to butt in and do them first)

  • Create an article for each of the red links I've made
  • Monitor and add to Category:Towns in South Australia
    • each article should be named "placename, South Australia" - more recent conventions seem to make this optional but a redirect is required.
    • Each article should have either a redirect or link from "placename" or "placename (disambiguation)"
    • Each article should contain
      • its coordinates and population using {{coor title dm...}} - coordinates from Geoscience Australia
      • text description of location
      • description of LGA, state and federal electorates, and postcode
  • Monitor and add to Category:Geography of South Australia — as above except for naming
  • Keep an eye on any of the categories I created, and expand the articles in them.
  • The /plain town names list contains all the placenames from the Australian postcode lists, with their state name removed. I can use it to find mis-named new town articles.
  • Perform some of the tasks and redlinks listed in the templates below.

Here are some tasks you can do to help with WikiProject Adelaide:

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