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Scott Martin

“In omnibus requiem quaesivi, sed non inveni, nisi in hoexkens ende boexkens.”

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One of my feature suggestions got implemented - being able to filter user contributions to show page creations only. See item in this week's Tech News.

A drawing of Scott.
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‣ About me

Hi, I'm Scott Martin. I'm a British Wikipedian, born in London and still living there, in Brixton. I've been with the project since November 2002 (user number 5413). I became involved with wikis and wiki culture in 2000, at WikiWikiWeb, the first ever wiki.

I edited for a while as "Hex" until coming to the personal position that Wikipedia editors, particularly administrators, ought to use their real name. This project has consequences in the real world. Those who participate in it should have the common decency to acknowledge who they are. Incidentally, I'm not related to any other users here with the surname Martin.

You can get in touch with me at my talk page, or by emailing me.

In 2007 I was granted maintenance tool access, which in the local jargon is referred to as being an "administrator"; however, that label is a misnomer. In practical terms, I have the ability to delete and restore pages; apply page protection, and block people from editing to protect the site; and am allowed to close and summarize discussions of various types. A numeric breakdown of my actions using these tools is lower down on this page, under "Accountability".

If modifying any "admin" action of mine will clearly improve the encyclopedia, due to new circumstances or information, or my action appears accidental, just make the change and then leave a note on my talk page. Prior permission is not required. (Copied from Dennis Brown. Thanks.)

‣ My work here

I'm not an expert on anything in particular. I'm far from being a fantastic writer, as well, although I do have a broad vocabulary and good grasp of English. I'm much better at editing, in the traditional sense, than writing Wikipedia articles. In addition to copy-editing, you can often find me doing WikiGnome stuff like categorizing and disambiguating, and converting articles to use shortened footnotes where possible.

My career background is that of having spent many years building software for the Web; however, I gave that up several years ago. These days I'm in the early stages of retraining for a new career as an archivist. My personal interests include London, great cities, and urbanism; British history, especially in the Middle Ages; early English literature; and genealogy. In the latter case I've made a few family trees, which you can see listed below. I occasionally tweet about those topics as @urbigenous.

You can see my contributions; my statistics at X!'s Edit Counter and WikiChecker; and check the logs of my actions.

It has nothing to do with my editing, but I'm quite fond of experimental or obsolete date and time formats. And right now the time is @664, on Quintidi, 25 Messidor CCXXII. Or should that be Prickle-Prickle, Confusion 48, 3180 YOLD, or possibly even

‣ What I started



Article categories

Wikipedia categories

Project pages


Articles I've helped get to Good Article status

Good article M11 link road protest

‣ Feature ideas

I sometimes have ideas to enhance the MediaWiki software.

‣ For others

I've put together a collection of project links, templates, and categories that I've found to be frequently useful. I hope you find it of some use.

Some data (caution: very large pages!):

‣ What's happening now

‣ Accountability


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Holland House, London.
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Holland House set.




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The table below gives a numeric overview of my actions using maintenance tools. As you can see, there aren't a huge number. I applied for them on the basis that having access to them would occasionally be of use in contributing to the project or protecting its welfare in the course of my everyday activities.
Admin statistics for Scott
Edits Disc Plain black.svg 19125
Edits (inc. deleted) Disc Plain grey.svg 20299
Pages deleted Disc Plain red.svg 1094
Pages restored Disc Plain green.svg 148
Pages protected Disc Plain red.svg 46
Protections modified Disc Plain yellow.svg 9
Pages unprotected Disc Plain green.svg 2
Users blocked Disc Plain red.svg 80
Users unblocked Disc Plain green.svg 4
Users reblocked Disc Plain red.svg 3
User rights modified Disc Plain cyan.svg 0
Users created Disc Plain cyan.svg 0

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