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Adoption school for Scribbleink[edit]

This is the centralized page for mentoring Scribbleink in the processes, policies, guidelines and practices of Wikipedia.

Scribbleink goals[edit]

  • "I'd like to take the next step and start editing regularly, for which I seek a mentor." - Scribbleink
  • "That's great! Much appreciated. My current goals are to improve existing articles, e.g. Indian art, and to create ones on an on-need basis, e.g. Wikipedia:Requested_articles/Culture_and_fine_arts/Visual_arts. I'm reading up on paintings in my spare time and I thought that would be the best place to start contributing new content." - Scribbleink

Program goals[edit]

By the end of the mentoring program, the subject should have a working understanding of...

  • Core policies
  • Wiki formatting, layout and style
  • How to create new articles
  • How to effectively use talk pages
  • Where to look, or who to turn to, for help

You should feel free to continue editing, and contributing to Wikipedia in other ways, during this program.


Each lesson should be completed by reading the recommended background material, asking questions, and completing the assignments which will consist of answering questions and completing various activities. The lessons can be worded on sequentially or concurrently.

Open discussion[edit]

Here we can have ongoing discussion in lieu of using the talk page.

  • Thanks for the resources below. The new editor toolbar from wikEd are a bit overwhelming for now, but it's nothing I can't get used to over time.
 Done updating my preferences. In my opinion, Jimbo's head was far too realistic on a retina display(see also Uncanny valley). scribble · ink chat\contrib 08:31, 7 January 2014 (UTC)