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Hello, my name is Sean which sounds like shaun. A Hargeisan man once told me that my name meant pubic hair. Although normally a reliable source I'm yet to confirm his assertion.

That's pretty much everything you need to know about me but despite that here's some random soundbites.

  • I've lived, worked and travelled around in quite of lot of different places. This has inevitably made me extremely cynical which is a bonus.
  • I first met my wife in Barcelona in an amazingly random way.
  • I find almost anything funny. This isn't necessarily a good thing apparently.
  • Many years ago I stepped backwards over the edge of a cliff in Corsica while mapping an ophiolite complex. I sustained almost no injuries but I still have a very small piece of the cliff in my hand. Moral = wear a hard hat.
  • Due to peer group pressure from a bunch of crusty old communist, geriatric musicians and their fans I have given a rare and outstandingly bad live vocal performance of Jingle Bells in a park in the summer. Yes, the crowd loved it. Moral = go to China.
  • Generally speaking I don't like cats on account of them being psychopathic predators who wreak havoc. Despite that, I adopted a local street cat. It vanished a couple of days after both the cat and I saw a 2 m python in the garden which we both lost track of. Yes, it is surprisingly easy to lose track of a large-ish snake so be warned. I assume the snake ate the cat. Such is life.
  • I'm not a big fan of macaques.
  • As I've got older I've realised that I actually know very little about anything and what I thought I knew often turns out to be wrong but I tend to not let that stand in my way of contributing to Wikipedia.