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The future of Google Street View will not only include footage of every street, road, and highway in every country of the world. It'll include other places too.

It'll include the interiors of every building on earth, public and private. So how will that be allowed. To know the answer, read on.

The interior of any property can be photographed and displayed to the public if and only if the property owner agrees. That is no problem. Everyone will agree.

Live videos[edit]

Google Street View will no longer display stationary photos that were taken when the internet giant just happened to be driving their car by. They will show what is going on in any place live as it is happening. This will be accomplished through the use of microcameras that will rest in each spot where filming is occurring. No one will see the microcameras. But they will be there.

Not only will it be possible to see everything live, but it'll be possible to view a spot from the way it was in the past.