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I welcome our new overlord OmegaWiki :-) The multilingual wiki dictionary. It is already so much better than Wiktionaries!

Find me at:

On Wikipedia I'll try, (if I find time for it) to contribute to particle physics, in particular detectors and data acquisition systems. I would also like to translate pages to and from Italian, but first I want to put together something reasonable on the English side.

I also feel for User:Raymond_arritt/Expert_withdrawal and [Wikipedia:Expert_retention]]. While the pages I've been working on haven't been bitten by cranks or other fanatics, I have seen these attacks to real science far too often, and I really am displeased when I see the effort of knowledgeable people going to waste, on the fallacious ground that WP:NPOV should grant to "pseudoscience" (euphemism) the same rights of real science. I really do not want to abandon Wikipedia... but I'm looking with renewed interest to Citizendium.

Interesting pages[edit]


For those who end up here wondering why I have removed a link they had added to a page, a few good reads:


as a note to myself, since I never remember these: