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Sesamehoneytart here. I got my name from Sesame Seed Honey Crunch, which is nothing less than amazing. You can usually find me wandering around empty streets with an oversized pair of headphones. I've been a registered editor since February 2, 2010.

The first Wikipedia article I worked on was that of my crew coach. Knowing little HTML and the general rules of Wikipedia, my edits, which I had thought were helpful, were subsequently reverted as vandalism. After my first harsh lesson on the rules of the system, I tried adding to a the article of a video game that I knew well. After 130 edits, I was informed that my additions were not constructive to the article and they were subsequently reverted.

After the Harvest Moon fiasco, I decided to drop under the radar. I looked up old games from the 90s that I decided nobody would ever look at and worked on my editing skills where nobody would care enough to berate me for all my efforts. Some of the pages I am more proud of from this era are Treasure Mountain!, The Humans, and Spelling Jungle.

For a while, I mostly worked with the Medicine WikiProject, trudging through wordy medical reports to create or help expand articles on orphan diseases. When I'm done, my articles usually have more than any other single source available, and I take pride in that. Yea, it's unlikely that anyone will ever read the Wikipedia page of a disease that has only had 6 cases reported, but I still feel good knowing that somewhere, some time in the future, a person curious about this disease will have somewhere to go.

It didn't take long before I got involved with the Guild of Copy Editors and, by proxy, the much more challenging Wikify project. Looking for an even bigger challenge, I spent the next year working on the Stanford Archives, with the goal of bringing all categories above 90% by the end of the year. (It took me an extra 3 months, but it finally got there.)

I still work on articles there every once in a while, and it has caused me to learn a surprising amount about art history. Since I graduated, however, I've spent a lot of time working on my plant and bug collections (pictures only) and periodically check them against Wikipedia's collection. Quite often, I will find that I have a picture of a certain species that Wikipedia doesn't, and I'll share the picture and write up a short article about said plant or insect. If I ever start making oodles of money, I may start donating that, but until then, all I can donate is my time.

Occasional Projects[edit]


When I'm bored, I'll play my favorite Wikigames:

Wikigame #1: "Reverse WikiJeopardy"
The goal of this game is to find the question (the related article) given the answer. Answers may be found here.

Wikigame#2: "Dis-Disambiguation"
The goal of this game is to find out which of the given meanings an article is referring to and redirect it to the correct page. Here's an example: If an article on Warts links to "vesicle" (a disambig page) and, upon reading the article, you find that it is referring to a trapped liquid, change the link from vesicle to vesicle (biology and chemistry).
Topics for this game can be found here.