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Allied Council for Commerce and Logistics (ACCL) is an international philanthropic, Non-Profit NGO working in the field of Commercial, Humanitarian and Agricultural Logistics.


The spark behind the formation of Allied Council for Commerce and Logistics was 2010 the dispute between the Govt. of India and the Honorable Supreme Court of India. Where the latter accused the Central Govt. for failing to distribute the millions of tons of Agro products decaying inside the FCI warehouses across India. Government of India turned down Supreme Court directions mentioning that it was not possible for the Government to distribute food grains for free.

The case was an eye opener for lots of logisticians about the plight of Agricultural and Humanitarian logistics situation in developing nations. Allied Council for Commerce was formed by a team of logisticians and companies interested in this field.

Area of Operations[edit]

Allied Council for Commerce and Logistics operates on following aspects of logistics.

Professional Membership[edit]

Any organization or individual who have interest in the field of Supply Chain Management, Logistics, Shipping etc could become a member. There are no charges at the moment and the council claims that the membership shall remain free for life.