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About me[edit]

I'm a scholar (PhD candidate) of Asian Philosophy & Religion, with a focus on Indian religions, specifically Shaktism, Tantra, and the goddess traditions within Hinduism, and in particular the Northeast of India. I also have an interest in Tantric Buddhism and its historical connections to Hindu Tantrism, and the general relationship (historical, substantive, phenomenological, etc) between Hinduism and the various heterodox traditions of India (Buddhism, Jainism, etc.). I've contributed as researcher & author in an encyclopedia of Hinduism, have published articles, and am a Sanskritist, as well.

I haven't initiated any pages yet, but I do a lot of editing when I find information that's incorrect, ambiguous or otherwise unclear, when it's within my field of specialty. My philosophy is to offer as much information as possible, as clearly and concisely as possible, with as many relevant and current citations as possible.

Durga big.jpg This user is a proud member of WikiProject Shaktism.