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Anna Frodesiak's flattering portrait of a sharktopus(Grabemum bytum). Eighth arm? Behind him holding iPhone, so he can check his Watchlist.
Sharktopus stuff
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  • Saguaro boot -- A collaboration of hole-pecking woodpecker and hole-waterproofing saguaro cactus. I photographed some and decided to write more about them. (Jan 31, 2011 DYK w 5,100 hits)
  • Pseudobiceros hancockanus -- Who could resist Anna Frodesiak's request to write up this penis-fencing flatworm? Article was a 27B redirect when I set to work on it.
  • Gustav Gassner -- German botanist and phytopathologist who wrote the 1918 paper that called scientific attention to vernalization. He had an article in German Wikipedia; the 1931 text on food microsopy is still used and known as "Der Gassner." (Feb. 6, 2011 DYK w 706 hits)
  • Mammillaria pottsii, Mammillaria parkinsonii, and Mammillaria multidigitata -- Funny little cacti I photographed at Desert Botanical Garden.
  • Hubble Bubble (astronomy) -- Fascinating and very likely wrong astrophysics idea that has the same name as a bubble and squeak analog I read about on WP:FEED. (Feb. 10, 2011 DYK w 11,100 hits)
  • Castilleja septentrionalis -- Lovely and endangered alpine flower also known as "pale painted cup." There seem to be a lot more Castillejas with no articles, so I will expand this article a bit and then probably create some more. (Feb. 18, 2011 DYK with 1.6 k hits)
  • Alan B. Slifka -- Philanthropic idealist whose goals included harmonious coexistence of Arabs and Israelis. Lots of obits but my favorite is the blogger who called him "a true lamadvavnik," one of the 36 righteous who keep humanity on track. (Feb. 19, 2011 DYK with 485 k hits)
  • Hemioniscus balani -- Protandrous isopod with fascinating life-story, discovered when researching parasitic castration. (Feb. 19, 2011 DYK with 1.4 k hits)
  • Bucephaloidea -- Superfamily of trematode parasites, working my way toward creating an article about an interesting species thereunder, Bucephalus mytili. Also did the genus Bucephalus (trematode) and will probably get around to creating an article for the family Bucephalidae.
  • Even when I decide I am going to write about organisms other than parasites...a fascinating "portable nose" device called the Wasp Hound turns out to be powered by parasitic wasps of the species Microplitis croceipes.
  • Lunar rhythms in biological systems, and I hope this doesn't get deleted before I get a chance to work on it, since I am going to sleep now.
  • Bruce Winstein -- Distinguished cosmologist whose playful "treehouse" I long ago admired.
  • Encephalartos ituriensis -- Cycad endangered in its native two-monadnock habitat in the Congo, but handsomely present in Santa Barbara's Lotusland, where I photographed its impressive seed cone.
  • Buzzzzz! I also 5 x expanded Brood XIX, created a bunch of periodical cicada articles, stubbed up an article for annual cicada. And David Rothenberg in the NYT making music with Magicicada ...
  • Photinus carolinus -- synchronously flashing firefly of the Smokies was mentioned in NYT on June 15 but had no article, so I started building one June 16.
  • "A Nasothek is a collection of noses..." This is perhaps the strangest article I have created.
  • The moose botfly shoots larvae into people's eyes, because to her they look just like moose noses. This is the grossest article I have created.