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A photo of me after a good shelling trip

David P. Berschauer, User name "Shellnut".

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I am a serious shell collector, and a former Ph.D. student in Marine Biology from Florida State University (until I changed career paths and became a lawyer) and member of the San Diego Shell Club. I maintain a keen interest in the science and was most pleased to finally see mDNA testing (and now some nuclear DNA testing as well) of large monogeneric families. I live in Orange County, California. I try to keep up to date with the latest systematics for my personal shell collection, comprising over 175 families of molluscs.

After over 20 years of fine tuning the programming I have finally competed to my satisfaction a Shell Collection Database Management Program which incorporates the latest systematics to keep records in systematic order, add digital macro pictures, print data tags and reports. The program is now being offered for sale on a select website,[[1]].

I have placed a number of my macro shell photos from my Shell Collection Database Management Program on Wikicommons and attached them to the Wikipedia articles listed below.

I have been a Wikipedia editor for several years now, with a focus on the taxonomic issues in the Conidae. I am also trying to add many more quality macro photos of molluscs to Wikipedia. Recently I became co-editor of The Festivus, which is now a quarterly publication on malacology and conchology.

Special thanks to Invertzoo for welcoming me and for inviting me to join WikiProject Gastropods, and for Invertzoo and other senior editors including Ganeshk and JoJan helping "teach me the ropes" as well as for their welcome mentoring and encouragement.

--Shellnut (talk) 06:47, 1 October 2011 (UTC)

A fascinating "new" species of Nudibranch - Why dream up aliens from space when we have real life animals like this?
A Barnstar!

A very big WELCOME to WikiProject Gastropods for you Shellnut, a new member! We are delighted that you decided to join the Project! Thank you for your interest and I hope we will have a fruitful collaboration. Wikipedia is tough to find your way around at first but it does get easier. If you start out with small easy edits on article like copyediting, then gradually work your way up to bigger things, that's a good way to go. Best wishes Invertzoo (talk) 00:19, 2 October 2011 (UTC)
A Barnstar!

A big Welcome to WikiProject Bivalves for you, Shellnut, a new member! We are delighted that you decided to join the Bivalves Project; we can really benefit from having someone around who knows the up-to-date taxonomy. Thank you and welcome, Invertzoo (talk) 14:40, 3 January 2012 (UTC)

Barnstars and Awards [edit]

Exceptional newcomer.jpg The Exceptional Newcomer Award
For your excellent photographic and content contributions to Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons, I present to you this Exceptional Newcomer Award. Thank you. Ganeshk (talk) 14:23, 22 October 2011 (UTC)

Stromb thinker.jpg The Strombus Thinker
Because you are always thinking about gastropods and their shells, I hereby present to you this award I've drawn myself. What could he possibly be thinking? -- Daniel Cavallari (talk) 19:47, 8 November 2011 (UTC)
Welcome to wikiproject Gastropods, Shellnut! It's good to have another shell lover with us. Daniel Cavallari (talk) 19:46, 8 November 2011 (UTC)

You are entitled to the service award. The bunny is bonus. Anna Frodesiak (talk) 05:11, 8 November 2011 (UTC)

"Bonus", the bunny.

You deserve this!

Guilfordiayoka.jpg The Gastropod Barnstar
For the very hard work you have put into Wikiproject Gastropods, in particular the amazing amount of work you have done since joining us to make the coverage of the cone snails (and their relatives) much more complete and more up-to-date, I award you this Gastropod Barnstar. Congratulations Shellnut! Invertzoo (talk) 15:51, 4 February 2012 (UTC)

Bio barnstar2.png The Bio-star
Thanks for creating the new genus article Kurodaconus. Your efforts to improve Wikipedia's coverage of biology-related articles is appreciated. Northamerica1000(talk) 03:58, 12 February 2012 (UTC)

Original Barnstar Hires.png The Original Barnstar
For your efforts in expanding Unionoida. Great job! ♦ Dr. Blofeld 23:00, 12 March 2012 (UTC)

SpondylusII.jpg The Bivalve Barnstar
This spiny Spondylus Barnstar is awarded to you Shellnut, in recognition of all your 2012 work on the subject of bivalve mollusks as part of Wikipedia:WikiProject Bivalves, including creating many bivalve anatomy articles! All your efforts are much appreciated! Invertzoo (talk) 18:25, 1 January 2013 (UTC)

Guilfordiayoka.jpg The Gastropod Barnstar
For all good work of numerous different kinds that you, Shellnut, have put into Wikiproject Gastropods this year, I award you this Gastropod Barnstar. You have earned it! Congratulations and all the very best wishes for 2013! Invertzoo (talk) 00:04, 2 January 2013 (UTC)

Photo Image Gallery: Some of my shell photos[edit]

Species Articles Edited / Watchlist[edit]

 • Acanthotrophon sentus  • Acanthotrophon carduus  • Africonus denizi  • Angaria delphinus  • Angaria melanacantha  • Angaria sphaerula  • Angaria vicdani  • Astralium calcar  • Babelomurex armatus  • Babelomurex cristatus  • Babelomurex deburghiae  • Babelomurex finchii  • Babelomurex fruticosus  • Babelomurex gemmatus  • Babelomurex japonicus  • Babelomurex kawamurai  • Babelomurex latipinnatus  • Babelomurex lischkeanus  • Babelomurex longispinosus  • Babelomurex nakayasui  • Babelomurex princeps  • Babelomurex spinosus  • Babelomurex takahashii  • Babelomurex tosanus  • Babelomurex yumimarumai  • Bayerotrochus tangaroanus  • Bayerotrochus teramachii  • Bayerotrochus westralis  • Benthastelena haliarchus  • Bernaya teulerei  • Bolma girgyllus  • Bolma modesta  • Boreotrophon alaskanus  • Boreotrophon stuarti  • Bursa rhodostoma  • Calliostoma bonita  • Calliostoma bullisi  • Calliostoma canaliculatum  • Calliostoma consors  • Calliostoma iridescens  • Calliostoma ligatum  • Calliostoma palmeri  • Calliostoma shinagawaense  • Calliostoma supragranosum  • Calliostoma tricolor  • Calliostoma unicum  • Chicoreus aculeatus  • Chicoreus asianus  • Chicoreus cnissodus  • Chicoreus cornucervi  • Chicoreus orchidiflorus  • Chicoreus regius  • Chicoreus torrefactus  • Chicomurex laciniatus  • Clanculus stigmatarius  • Coralliophila abnormis  • Coralliophila costularis  • Conus abbas  • Conus abbreviatus  • Conus acutangulus  • Conus adami  • Conus advertex  • Conus africanus  • Conus andremenezi  • Conus archon  • Conus arcuatus  • Conus athenae  • Conus biancae  • Conus bruguieri  • Conus brunneus  • Conus burryae  • Conus cedonulli  • Conus cepasi‎  • Conus chytreus  • Conus dorotheae  • Conus echinophilus  • Conus eugrammatus  • Conus furnae  • Conus genuanus  • Conus gladiator  • Conus hopwoodi  • Conus lienardi  • Conus litoglyphus  • Conus lucidus  • Conus lynceus  • Conus mappa  • Conus marielae  • Conus miniexcelsus  • Conus moluccensis  • Conus moolenbeeki  • Conus nux  • Conus patricius  • Conus pennaceus  • Conus perplexus  • Conus platensis  • Conus praecellens  • Conus princeps  • Conus purissimus  • Conus purpurascens  • Conus quercinus  • Conus regularis  • Conus richardsae  • Conus rizali  • Conus saecularis  • Conus scalarissimus  • Conus simonis  • Conus tiaratus  • Conus tuberculosus  • Conus vayssierei  • Conus ventricosus  • Conus ventricosus mediterraneus  • Conus virgatus  • Conus verdensis  • Conus ximenes  • Conus zandbergeni  • Cucullaea labiata  • Darioconus leviteni  • Guildfordia triumphans  • Guildfordia yoka  • Harmoniconus paukstisi  • Hexaplex brassica  • Hexaplex cichoreum  • Hexaplex duplex  • Hexaplex fulvescens  • Hexaplex princeps  • Hexaplex rosarium  • Hexaplex stainforthi  • Hirtomurex winckworthi  • Homalocantha oxyacantha  • Homalocantha scorpio  • Homalocantha secunda  • Jaspidiconus pfluegeri  • Latiaxis mawae  • Latiaxis pilsbryi  • Lithopoma tuber  • Megastraea turbanica  • Megastraea undosa  • Meretrix lyrata  • Mikadotrochus hirasei  • Mipus vicdani  • Muricanthus ambiguus  • Muricanthus nigritus  • Muricanthus radix  • Panopea generosa  • Perotrochus atlanticus  • Phyllonotus pomum  • Pinnixa faba  • Pomaulax japonicus  • Pomaulax gibberosus  • Pseudoconorbis coromandelicus  • Pseudostomatella coccinea  • Pterynotus loebbeckei  • Purpurellus pinniger  • Pyramidella dolabrata  • Spondylus americanus‎  • Tresus capax  • Tresus nuttallii  • Triplofusus giganteus  • Uvanilla babelis  • Uvanilla olivacea  • Zacatrophon beebei

Other Articles Edited / Watchlist[edit]

 • Abalone  • Acanthotrophon  • Africonus  • Arcoida‎  • Artemidiconus  • Asprella  • Astartidae‎  • Austroconus  • Babelomurex  • Bathyconus  • Bathytoma  • Benthastelena  • Benthofascis  • Bivalvia‎  • Boreotrophon  • Bursa  • Calamiconus  • Calibanus  • Californiconus  • Calliostoma  • Carditidae‎  • Chelyconus  • Clanculus  • Conasprella  • Conasprelloides  • Conidae  • Conilithidae  • Coninae  • Conoidea  • Conorbidae  • Conus  • Coralliophilinae  • Cucullaeidae  • Cylinder  • Dalliconus  • Darioconus  • Dauciconus  • Dendroconus  • Ductoconus  • Dyraspis  • Endemoconus  • Eremiconus  • Eugeniconus  • Floraconus  • Fulgiconus  • Fusiconus  • Gastridium  • Gastrochaenidae‎  • Genuanoconus  • Gladioconus  • Globiconus  • Gradiconus  • Harmoniconus  • Hemilienardia  • Hermes  • Heterodonta  • Hiatellidae  • Isognomon  • Jaspidiconus  • Kalloconus  • Ketyconus  • Kioconus  • Kurodaconus  • Kohniconus  • Lamniconus  • Lautoconus  • Leporiconus  • Leptoconus  • Lilliconus  • Limidae‎  • List of Conus species  • Lithoconus  • Lithopoma  • Lividoconus  • Megastraea  • Microgenia  • Miliariconus  • Mitromorphidae  • Monteiroconus  • Mytiloida  • Nataliconus  • Ostreoida  • Palaeoheterodonta  • Panopea  • Pectinoida  • Perplexiconus  • Pharidae  • Phasmoconus  • Pholadomyoida  • Pleuroploca  • Plicaustraconus  • Pomaulax  • Protobranchia‎  • Pseudoconorbis  • Pseudomelatomidae  • Pteriidae  • Pterioida  • Pteriomorphia  • Raphitomidae  • Sibling species  • Solenidae‎  • Tangle nets  • Taranis  • Taxonomy of the Gastropoda (Bouchet & Rocroi, 2005)  • Theta  • Tresus  • Tucker & Tenorio cone snail taxonomy 2009  • Turbinidae  • Unionoida  • Uvanilla  • Veneroida  • William Healey Dall

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TUSC token 19d247d9850d895ebee7870b3cf04b99
I am now proud owner of a TUSC account! A useful tool for finding free images on the internet (especially FlickR), suited for the Commons : FIST ([2]); special thanks to JoJan!

Simplified instructions, per JoJan:
1. "You tick the box with "articles", instead of "Categories or articles".
2. The number of results in FLickR: I usually change that to 95. The other databases give sometimes also a result.
3. Below in "List" : tick the box in "All articles" instead of "Articles that have no image".
4. Fill in your TUSC password and your Commons user name. Click on 'Do it !'."

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