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A Shirt58, yesterday "The superfluous, that very necessary thing..." - Voltaire

Hi, I'm Peter aka Shirt58. My username comes from the field hockey shirt I was allocated some while ago. Yes, men do play field hockey. And Tasmania is not a fictional place.

This is not the Australia men's national field hockey team at the 2004 Summer Olympics.

The Australia men's national field hockey team has a long tradition of being the the best in the world and then somehow managing not to win the Olympic gold medal, with one exception.

I have very strong opinions about almost everything. My views are unconventional, iconoclastic and coruscatingly pragmatic. You will find nothing of the sort in my contributions to the Wikipedia project.

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Edits 40739
Edits+Deleted 47210
Pages deleted 4300
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Users blocked 113
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My editing philosophy[edit]

  • Be concise and use good references.
Symbol question.svg This user has written or expanded 8 articles featured in the Did You Know section on the Main Page.
  • I've recently tried to bump up my contributions to at least 50% article-space edits. As of 27 February 2014 my "edit count pie" looked like this. As of 1 November 2014 my "edit count pie" looked like... erm, a SVG image with XML markup I couldn't even begin to understand, but it's 53.3%.

Regarding the "Sampernandu" Redirect[edit]

To Shirt58 / Peter / Admins: Here's the bigger problem why I nominated for the deletion of Sampernandu redirect page:

When I created a redirection word, "Sampernandu," Facebook Places belonging to "San Fernando, Pampanga" are now displaying as belonging to "Sampernandu", even if the Main Article title is set again to "San Fernando, Pampanga". Look at what happened here .

As we all know, Facebook relies on Wikipedia for its Place Pages. I know that this is Facebook issue more than a Wikipedia issue, so I already reported this Facebook, but we all know that Facebook doesn't guarantee a quick solution, you cannot even talk with them.

So now, the only option we've got to solve this problem, is by removing the very redirect I created this week (regrettably, because I didn't even know Facebook has this bug). Otherwise, all businesses and places in Facebook are permanently listed as from "Sampernandu", which is weird, because our addressing system in the Philippines is in English. Everyone who lives in "San Fernando, Pampanga" are also complaining why they are now living in "Sampernandu" and not "San Fernando, Pampanga".

If this redirect is Not deleted, here's what will happen on the Facebook side: People will start creating duplicates of Facebook Pages named "San Fernando, Pampanga" in an attempt to correct the issue. People will be confused why our place page in Facebook is entitled "Sampernandu" instead of "San Fernando, Pampanga". It will be a data nightmare and confusion.

I do not know if this reason even falls under the "Technical" category, but it's really needed. Here's the deal: Can we try temporarily removing "Sampernandu" for week, wait for Facebook to self-correct, then bring "Sampernandu" redirect back?.

- thenonhacker (talk) 08:50, 24 January 2015 (UTC)