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I am a middle-aged male real estate appraiser and remain an avid rock music fan. My wiki-name is the Dutch band best known for the worldwide 1970 hit "Venus". My bichon frise, Robby van Leeuwen is named after the leader of this band. I am a native of Winston-Salem, North Carolina (born at about the same time as rock and roll, on May 3, 1951) and have been living in the Mississippi Gulf Coast region (by way of Raleigh, NC, New York, San Francisco, and Greensboro, NC) since early 1998. I am thus a survivor of Hurricane Katrina that destroyed all of our belongings, including my 2,600-album record collection. (Most of the CD's were at the office and were unaffected by the storm, although the ones at home were scattered all over the yard as well). I gathered up what I could and am in the process of cleaning them up; if I can ever figure out how to do it right, that will be a future article. For now, I am playing them on one of those department store record players made by Crosley.

Other interests include vintage science fiction and horror movies, weird fiction (H. P. Lovecraft, et al), and science. I am a recent Catholic convert, via my beloved wife of just over 3 years.

My main interest in contributing to Wikipedia is to provide information on the more obscure bands and artists that populate my collection, as well as tidbits about music and my other interests that I have picked up over the years. I have already added a couple of dozen record labels to the "list of record labels", so I guess my work is cut out for me! Initial articles include the Head Shop, Milan (the Leather Boy), the Hawkwind album Roadhawks, and the history section on bootleg recording.


  • 1st contribution on 08/18/2006.
  • 1,000th contribution on 09/04/2007.
  • 100th original article on 03/13/2008.
  • 2,500th contribution on 09/01/2009.

2008 Update[edit]

In honor of starting my 100th new article this month, March 2008 (not counting redirect pages, categories, etc.), I am putting in some info on what I have been working on in the following section. It all started innocently enough when I was early in the process of cleaning up my LPs from the storm (that's all we have to say down here about Katrina: "the storm"). Periodically, I would wonder about what was out there on the Web about one of the obscure bands that I was in the process of enjoying (usually while doing appraisal work on the computer), and I would Google it and find out. (After a while, I just started going straight to Wikipedia). Well, there was nothing on the Head Shop, so I thought it would be a real kick to see what I could find out and put together an article. One of the reasons that I bought the LP in the first place 25 or so years ago is that the producer of the album is listed as Milan, one of my very favorite garage rock artists; so naturally, that led to an article on him. And so it goes.

After I had been doing that for several months, I read an article in Discover magazine called "You Know Too Much" that praised Wikipedia but started off with: "Despite scads of entries about virtually unknown rock bands..." I laughed out loud (and probably blushed) thinking of my own additions to those scads! But really, IMHO, there are still a lot of great 1960s artists out there that are not yet included among the 2½ million or so English articles. I remember being astounded that there was not so much as a stub on Mouse and the Traps, who'd been on the original Nuggets compilation album; and I was almost as surprised to see that the Outsiders had only a stub, when their "Time Won't Let Me" is almost universally known in the US to this day. There was a lot more on the Dutch Outsiders then – not that there is anything wrong with that (they are after all a better band but never had even a minor hit over here).

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