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New to Wikipedia, I usually read articles on it and felt like I should start editing some as well since the Biochemistry-related articles here are not so good. I am currently reading Biochemistry at St John's College, Oxford. Originally from Pakistan and currently resident of Wales, I would love world peace.

I absolutely hate this person.

A silly Biochemistry joke[edit]

Q: What is ATP?
A: Minus 20p from the Queen's pound.

The Philosophy of Spice[edit]

Having my roots in the South Asia I have much experience with spices. However, the question that lingers on my mind is that do spices enhance the taste of food or do they simply disguise the taste of the main ingredient? I would like to support the prior simply because I am the Spice Queen.

Infinite Chocolate[edit]

Q: How many chocolates are needed to fill a room?
A: Depends which room (say this with your hand on your tummy).