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I am ePandit (a.k.a. Shrish Benjwal Sharma), born on 4 September 1982. I am from Yamunanagar, Haryana in India. I am a teacher by profession & a tech-guru by interest. Fell in love with computers during graduation. The latest obsession is Hindi blogging & Indic computing. Now a days trying to spread word about Hindi blogging.

Interests: Surfing, Technology, Hindi/Indic Blogging & Computing.


Me on Hindi Wikipedia: hi:user:Shrish

List of articles started by me[edit]

  1. Gada (weapon)
  2. Narayan Pandit
  3. Hindi Blogosphere
  4. Indian Blogosphere
  5. Category:IME
  6. Google Script Converter
  7. Category:IME
  8. QuillPad
  9. Google IME
  10. Microsoft Indic Language Input Tool
  11. Indic Unicode
  12. InScript keyboard
  13. Indic Computing
  14. category:Indic computing
  15. Romanagari
  16. Benji Village
  17. Khajuri, Haryana