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Peer review request for Dave Gallaher
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I'm currently attempting to help bring the article Dave Gallaher to Featured Article standard. I've opened a peer review, which can be viewed at Wikipedia:Peer review/Dave Gallaher/archive1—any feedback, however brief, would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.

Me, my contributions, and I

I took an extended wiki-break for a couple of years, but am back editing regularly now. I somehow fell into editing rugby related articles years ago, and have never really climbed out. This does not mean that I edit rugby articles exclusively – I have been trying to edit in more neglected areas, particularly those that maybe suffer due to systemic bias. If you want me to comment at a peer review then just add a note on my talk page. I can't guarantee that I will have the time to respond, but I will try my best. I am a fan of the Good Article process of assessing article quality, and have been trying to do a few more reviews for that project.

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