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This page shows some lists of pages I made using AutoWikiBrowser, with details on how they were derived.

Template:Europe topic[edit]

Direct and indirect transclusions (Method 1)[edit]

Direct and indirect transclusions (Method 2)[edit]

These two lists use an easier-to-understand and more accurate method to determine which pages transclude {{Europe topic}} directly and which do so indirectly, though it's a bigger job for the software to create the lists (it took 1,5 hours for me). This method is based on that for the "both direct and indirect transclusions" section above: the lists were generated by searching for "{{Europe topic" in the list of all transclusions to know which pages transclude the template directly. Pages that don't contain the text are indirect transclusions.[Note 2] In this case pages transcluding the template both directly and indirectly are listed among the direct transclusions.

As of 12 February 2014.