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Soul Mixture
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SiameseSoul (born December 13, 1980) is an Artist, who resides in Ohio with her maniacal boyfriend and two cats.

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  • Last read fiction book:
Craig Clevenger - The Contortionist's Handbook - (4of5.png)
  • Last read non-fiction book:
Carl Gustav Jung - Jung on Death and Immortality - (5of5.png)
  • Last seen movie (Cinema):
The Hills Have Eyes - (4hvof5.png)
  • Last seen movie (Home):
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang - (4of5.png)
  • Last vacation location:
Myrtle Beach, South Carolina


  • Current fiction book:
Bret Easton Ellis - Lunar Park - (3of5.png)
  • Current non-fiction book:
Joseph Campbell - The Power Of Myth - (5of5.png)
  • Current band playing:
Beck - (4of5.png)

Next up

  • Next fiction book:
Mark Danielewski - House of Leaves
  • Next non-fiction book:
Thomas Bullfinch - Bullfinch's Mythology


  • Favorite song for now
Tool - "10,000 Days (Wings, Pt. 2)" - (5of5.png)
  • Favorite album for now
Tool - "10,000 Days" - (5of5.png)