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I am from the sunny island of Singapore and my aim is to provide useful information to Wikipedia.

My interests are watching soccer, reading spiritual books and thinking about the concept of infinity and the purpose of existence. I am an A-Level holder who graduated from Catholic Junior College in 1998.

I will do my best to contribute articles which do not mention any soccer clubs. I have already contributed more than 1,300 new articles over 4 years, most of them football clubs. In the near future, I hope to contribute new articles on astronomy and religion. It is also my desire to see Wikipedia being the MOST complete encyclopedia in this world. I plan to do my part to achieve this goal.

I am aware that this userpage is getting a bit long and complicated with quite a number of sub-userpages containing some redundant pages. Personally, the reason I did this is because it is my intention to read and comprehend every single Wikipedian namespace completely. On a personal level, it would be easier for me to navigate these important pages which deals with the administrative area of Wikipedia. I hope that by doing this, I would turn out to be a superb and even a perfect user on this project. This can take quite a number of months or even years to achieve. My last five RfAs have proven to be a great learning experience (filled with some disappointments!) and this is one of the reasons why I am motivating myself to be a totally complete user of this project. Once, these goals are achieved, I intend to set my userpage in a more pleasing-to-the eye format. However, I will NOT spent my time exclusively on this as I have to polish my editing skills in the main namespace as well as improve my communicative skills with other Wikipedians. I hope experienced admins as well as my harshest critics would help me out here. This userpage will also be designed to give hope, encouragement, assurance and moral support to those users who have experienced a failed RfA or even a RfB. This would ensure that these users would not leave Wikipedia permanently because of this.

I have always believed that constructive negative comments would greatly improve the quality of a user's edits.

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