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Industry Graphic design crowdsourcing
Founded 2003
Founder Sergey Nekipelov
Headquarters Los Angeles, CA, USA
Products crowdsourcing platform
Owner Designcontest Ltd.
Slogan Custom graphic design done affordably.
Website www.designcontest.com

DesignContest is a social media online graphic design contest platform where designers compete for the contest holder’s prize. The platform employs the principles of crowdsourcing to provide graphic design services, including logo design, business card design, website design, T-shirt design, illustrations etc. to small businesses around the world on a contest basis.[1] Originating from online community of designers, DesignContest was one of the first platforms that has pioneered the concept of commercial design crowdsourcing.  It was founded in 2003 by the businessman and investor Sergey Nekipelov.[2]


As a social media contest platform, DesignContest operates based on the basic ideas outlined in James Surowiecki’s The Wisdom of Crowds. The book proposes a hypothesis which states that a diverse collection of people is likely to make certain decisions better than independently operating individuals.[3] To his surprise the average of the crowd's guesses was more accurate than that of any given individual.

Another side of the platform's philosophy is not only to give the designers an opportunity to develop their skill by creating graphic design for the clients, but also to exchange within the community by giving something for free.[4]


The company was founded in 2003 as an online forum for designers. The company's original domain was DesignContest.net. Like many other innovative businesses founded upon similar principles, DesignContest did not get an immediately positive reception.[5] Instead, the company entered the market gradually, gaining reputation and popularity with designers and contest holders. For example, on a platform such as Trustpilot received an estimation 9/10.[6] By 2010 DesignContest changed its domain name to DesignContest.com and became popular graphic design crowdsourcing platform.[7] Since 2012 DesignContest offers official copyright transfer documents granting the contest holders exclusive rights to all winning designs. Clients can now download design's copyright document in pdf format after choosing the winner of their design contest.[8] In september 2014 occurred major update of the website, which implies a transition to a new engine.[9] Thereafter, DesignContest began to expand and launched the Canadian version of the platform with their local support.[10][11]


DesignContest is primarily a community of designers with its own forum, where members discuss their work,[12] a news blog covering trends in design and crowdsourcing, and a knowledge base. Constant staff assistance DesignContest helps novice designers to quickly enhance their skills.[13][14] Thanks to this, the designers have the opportunity to share their experience in graphic design.[15] By the beginning of 2014 the number of registered designers exceeded 500,000. [16] [17]


DesignContest approach to content creation is based on the principles of crowdsourcing and competition. The client, called 'Contest Holder', starts a design contest where designers compete for a prize in a certain category. In some cases, the prize is split between three winning designers. The categories include: logo design, T-shirt design, website design, print design, WordPress theme design, mobile application design and other design.[18]

Throughout its history, DesignContest created graphic for a number of major clients, including Flo Rida, Sport 360,[19] University of California,[20] Fisher House Foundation.[21]

The Contest aimed at helping the Moscow Metro with a logo redesign caused a resonance in media. As it turned out, the subway had no official logo, so thousands of designers were offered to come up with their options.[22][23]


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