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Hello! This is Smashbrosboy. I really like Super Smash Bros. and edit articles on it frequently after disscussing them on the talk page. If you have any questions (about Smash Bros or not) please post them onto my discussion page. I will try to answer quickly. Also, a big thanks to Selfworm for allowing me to use his toolbar.--Smashbrosboy (talk)

My Secret Page

Somewhere I have a secret page. Can you find it? DO NOT USE THE PREFIX INDEX IN MY TOOLBAR!

Articles of Interest

I have way more to add but I am lazy and don't like to edit for too long. I guess this is all that will appear for today.

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I present this to you for acquiring three (now four) barnstars in an impressive amount of time. Happy editing, and remember that the walls have ears!  ♣  Powerslave  03:17, 2 December 2007 (UTC)