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Smile Lee /smaɪl li/ is a person who made a Wikipedia user page that has random information about himself. I'm a designer and writer, from Albuquerque, New Mexico. I started a entertainment team called Heaven Sent Gaming, with my fiancee Isabel.

As my grandpa once said, "I'm having a low bullshit threshold".[edit]

I've been through a lot recently, lost loved ones, I was even homeless for two months straight. Within the passed half-year, or so. So if I come across as rude, then I'm sorry, it's not personal. Just me having very little patience.

Hello, I’m Mario[edit]

On Wikimedia[edit]

I was instrumental in early versions of all of Relient K's album articles.

I created the Al Hurricane article, discography, and the related articles, in their current incarnations. And, no, I can't speak Spanish. They Al Hurricane article was deleted prior due to non-local bias, claiming "non-notable".

I have been forced to create two articles, about two subjects for which I care nothing about encyclopedicly. Comic Book DB, not my cup of tea, and Heaven Sent Gaming, which is my life. This is due to the misogynistic society that exists here on Wikipedia, they harassed a newbie name User:DunDunDunt, and I don't approve of it. I will quote, "A Wikipedia editor commenting at the blog Shiny Ideas: “Any woman identified as a woman who edits Wikipedia and dares to stumble into some territory some male or group of males has staked out will quickly find that the double standard lives and they will be criticized and their words twisted, even when men who say the same things are ignored or cut some slack. If they dare to persist in holding their ground or acting as equals in the conversation the criticism may escalate to insults and off and on wiki harassment. If a woman complains about a man’s incivility in its various complaint forums, her complaints are not as likely to be taken as seriously as when men complain about other men or about the occasional woman who rocks their world with incivility equal to their own.”"

I'm taking another long break from Wikipedia, the comment above is the reason why. Maybe someone else will take up the task of completing the Al Hurricane discography, but not me. This site is a poisonous geocentric male-centrist cesspit, that approves of privilege and disapproves of "the little guy", I will be writing an exposé about it. (this message July 9th, 2014)[edit]

The exposé is under development. And I can now return to completing the Al Hurricane discography. Alongside that, there was a list published to the Wikiproject New Mexico page, and it interests me greatly.

  • More articles are needed to have a greater understanding of Category:New Mexico culture. I will be scratching them out as their stubs are completed.

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