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Sminthopsis crassicaudata, a mammal not entirely unlike the owner of this user page
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About me[edit]

I'm happy to help new editors with what I know, if you leave a message on my talk page. I've been editing Wikipedia since 2006, but only since 2012 under this signon. User:Ocotea is a signon that I use for lengthy cleanup efforts so that the watchlist for that signon doesn't become muddled with the watchlist for this one.

Wikipedia has made me enthusiastic about using a pseudonym, a pseudonym that can have an extensive history attached to it, as this one now does, but which I've found from experience provides an important comfort factor compared to editing under my real name. Here, as elsewhere, there are people who are made uncomfortable by this, who complain that they can't have a discussion with someone whose genetic background they know nothing about, but I have no sympathy whatever for that point of view.

Professionally, I'm a systematic botanist, but I may edit in places that are unexpected even to me. In rough sequence from most to least editing effort (not necessarily number of edits), I usually work on:

My thoughts about editing Wikipedia[edit]

I wish that people here were polite more of the time. Many editors that I've interacted with are wonderful, but too many are either trying to spoil the experience for others, or might as well be trying to because they are so rude.

I consider myself a content editor, interested in helping to build Wikipedia into an important educational resource, particularly for the large number of teachers who have few other resources. I rarely get involved in arguments unless there seems to be some way that I can settle them using the quite extensive library materials at my disposal. I am likely to back away from pages that I would very much like to improve because somebody that I consider unreasonable has taken control of the page, but will fight back when I can see an effective and rational way to do so.

I would love to see an effective horde of scientists contributing here, but find that I completely agree with another editor whose essay warns academic people away from trying to do any good here. The same element that one encounters when teaching, people who attack you in unreasonable ways because you have knowledge (is it jealousy?), seems to be particularly common here. Knowledgeable people should be warned, but I hope that isn't completely discouraging, just a hint to go slowly and not expect unbounded success.

Editing Wikipedia can be personally rewarding. Some of us have discussed the way that Wikipedia can become part of one's personal filing system: adding interesting material here can be one of the most effective steps toward finding that information later when you want it. Humour department: the very first edit that I made in Wikipedia was because of the need to set a journal editor straight about a term that I'd used in a manuscript (I told him what I'd done).

Mistranslation.jpg This editor generally considers humour to be a good thing, but deplores the use of automatic translation to build wikipedia.
GM-1 This editor, like Groucho Marx, would not choose to join any club that would have them as a member, but has made one exception.

Essential reading before venturing into Wikipedia editing: The Terrors of Iso'rath.

Ideas for a user box to helpfully indicate an editor's mental state, but that haven't yet reached the design stage:

  • This user is in an indefinable mental state, please edit my user talk page only after taking that fully into account.
  • This user has put up with just about as much inventive vandalism as any one person could possibly tolerate, and is likely to *big blot* the next vandal encountered.
  • This user is in a delicate mental state as a result of caring too much about wikipedia's long-term prospects of becoming useful.
  • This editor used to find Mystery Science Theatre 3000 amusing, but now sees it as a depressingly perfect allegory for the plight of the Wikipedia editor.
  • This user is in a happy mood after discovering by chance that something they did in wikipedia has done some actual good in the world.

Pet peeves:

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