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My Signature: -- Smith120bh/TALK

Briefly, who I am[edit]

I'm a member of the Dartmouth College class of 2008, majoring in Mathematics and double-minoring in Mechanical Engineering and Classical Studies (i.e. history, mythology, and archaeology of the Greek and Roman empires).

My Wikipedia activities[edit]

In addition the below articles, I'm also watching and occasionally editing almost every Dartmouth College-related article. As I take more classes, I plan to contribute increasingly to those articles related to my academic areas of interest, especially in mathematics and Greco-Roman empires.

As a procrastination method, I am also an RC Patroller, dealing with vandalism, copyright violations, and other occasional corrections that I catch on the recent changes list.

Significant contributions[edit]

  • Asa Dodge Smith - a family ancestor - most of my information is therefore from family records
  • Dartmouth College - added Freshman Trips section - why was there no mention of this anywhere before?
  • Dartmouth College Marching Band - well, didn't make it myself, but I majorly overhauled it, added all the extra sections, and made it its own article (upon suggestion from our conductor - was previously part of Dartmouth College student groups)
  • Dartmouth Outing Club - rewrote the History section so that it was no longer a copyvio, and wikified the rest of the article
  • Lake Memphremagog - created article
  • Phi Tau - updated to actually modern times, including the main picture (see below) so that it's actually of the new house...


  • Exercise Tiger - significant expansion based on Ken Small's The Forgotten Dead book.
  • Category:Dartmouth College and sub-cats - sort all articles in Dartmouth College search on Wikipedia into appropriate categories. Completed initial sorting late-2006. Now occasionally going through the category and grabbing new articles that show up.

Image contributions[edit]

Landmark edits[edit]