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House of the Estates

The House of the Estates is a historical building located opposite of the Bank of Finland building in Helsinki, Finland. Built in 1891, it housed the three commoner estates of the four estates of the realm of Finland. It continues to be sporadically used for governmental meetings.

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Pages I Started:

Islamabad Military Biographies Miscellaneous
 • Islamabad High Court  • List of missiles of Pakistan  • Raza Rabbani  • Grossberg network
 • Islamabad Highway  • PIFFER Units  • Nisar Ali Khan  • List of flyovers in Pakistan
 • Defence Housing Authority, Islamabad  • Azad Kashmir Regiment  • Naveed Qamar  • List of monuments in Pakistan
 • Seventh Avenue (Islamabad)  • List of active Pakistan Navy ships  • Shafqat Mahmood  • DSP Starter Kit
 • Ninth Avenue (Islamabad)  • PNS Hurmat (S136) Kashmir  • TI DSK 6416
 • Khayaban-e-Iqbal  • PNS Khalid (S137)  • TI DSK 6713
 • Zero Point Interchange  • PNS Hamza (S139)  • Kashmir Martyrs' Day  • Kedarnath Glacier
 • Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences  • Air Force ranks and insignia of Pakistan  • Ramban firing incident  • ARINC 573
 • Jinnah Super Market  • Pathan Regiment  • Kashmir: The Case for Freedom  • Learning rule
 • Aabpara Market  • Parachute Training School (Pakistan Army)  • People's Tribunal in Kashmir  • Poliomyelitis in Pakistan
 • Ayub Market  • Tamgha-e-Basalat Northern Areas of Pakistan  • Sabawoon Rehabilitation Centre
 • Melody Market  • Sitara-e-Basalat  • Mount Usher Gardens
 • Kohsar Market  • PNS Azmat  • Saltoro River  • Indus Dolphin Reserve
 • F-6, Islamabad  • General Headquarters (Pakistan Army)  • Bilafond Glacier  • The Production of Hindu-Muslim Violence in Contemporary India
 • F-7, Islamabad  • Air Headquarters (Pakistan Air Force)  • Chumik Glacier  • Koolmuzone
 • F-8, Islamabad  • Force Command Northern Areas  • Garam Chashma
 • F-10, Islamabad  • Naval Headquarters (Pakistan Navy)
 • G-6, Islamabad  • Joint Staff Headquarters (Pakistan)
 • G-5, Islamabad

Substantial Contributions:

 • Frontier Force Regiment
 • Pakistan Air Force Academy
 • Khewra Salt Mine Good article
 • Environmental issues in Siachen
 • Arfa Karim Did You Know?
 • Polio in Pakistan Did You Know?
 • I Protest Did You Know?
 • Sabawoon Rehabilitation Centre Did You Know?
 • International People's Tribunal on Human Rights and Justice in Kashmir Did You Know?
 • Kashmir: The Case for Freedom Did You Know?
 • Fairy Meadows Did You Know?
 • Khaplu Palace Did You Know? Good article
 • Waar Did You Know?

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