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Paleozoic molluscs of uncertain systematic position[edit]

(existing as fossils only)

Uncertain position (Gastropoda or Monoplacophora)[edit]

With isostrophically coiled shells of uncertain position (Gastropoda or Monoplacophora)[edit]

With anisostrophically coiled shells of uncertain position (Gastropoda?)[edit]

Basal taxa that are certainly Gastropoda[edit]

(existing as fossils only)

Clade Patellogastropoda[edit]

Patellogastropoda#2007 taxonomy Yes check.svg Done all species from WoRMS. Patella (Scutellastra)

(one ommited?

Clade Vetigastropoda[edit]

Trochoidea OK 2005 Ok 2008

Phasianelloidea Yes check.svg Done from WoRMS

Angarioidea Yes check.svg Done from WoRMS

Clade Cocculiniformia[edit]

Clade Neritimorpha (= Neritopsina)[edit]

Contains the Palaeozoic Neritomorpha of uncertain position and the clades Cyrtoneritimorpha and Cycloneritimorpha

Clade Cyrtoneritimorpha[edit]

Clade Cycloneritimorpha[edit]

Clade Caenogastropoda overview[edit]


by B & R 2005

clade Caenogastropoda

  • Caenogastropoda of uncertain systematic position

† Family Plicatusidae, † Family Spanionematidae, † Family Spirostylidae Superfamily Acteoninoidea Superfamily Dendropupoidea Superfamily Paleostyloidea Superfamily Peruneloidea Superfamily Pseudomelanioidea Superfamily Subulitoidea grade Zygopleuroid group Superfamily Abyssochrysoidea (by Kain et al. (2008)

Superfamily Ampullarioidea Superfamily Cyclophoroidea Superfamily Viviparoidea

† Family Acanthonematidae, † Family Canterburyellidae, † Family Prisciphoridae Superfamily Cerithioidea Superfamily Campaniloidea

† Family Coelostylinidae, † Family Maturifusidae, † Family Pommerozygiidae, † Family Settsassiidae

Superfamily Calyptraeoidea Superfamily Cingulopsoidea Superfamliy Cypraeoidea Superfamily Ficoidea Superfamily Littorinoidea Superfamily Naticoidea Superfamily Pterotracheoidea Superfamily Rissooidea Superfamily Stromboidea Superfamily Tonnoidea Superfamily Vanikoroidea Superfamily Velutinoidea Superfamily Vermetoidea Superfamily Xenophoroidea

Superfamily Epitonioidea Superfamily Eulimoidea Superfamily Triphoroidea

† Family Johnwyattiidae, † Family Perissityidae, † Family Sarganidae, † Family Speightiidae, † Family Taiomidae, † Family Weeksiidae Superfamily Buccinoidea Superfamily Muricoidea Superfamily Olivoidea Superfamily Pseudolivoidea Superfamily Conoidea Superfamily Cancellarioidea

by Bandel 2006

subclass Caenogastropoda

  • Order Palaeo-Caenogastropoda
    • Clade Cerithimorpha

Superfamily Cerithioidea

    • Littorinimorpha

superfamily ?

    • Clade Turritellimorpha

Superfamily Turritelloidea

    • Clade Murchisonimorpha

Superfamily Orthonematoidea

    • Clade Campanilimorpha

Superfamily Campaniloidea Superfamily Ampullinoidea

    • Clade Vermetimorpha

Superfamily Vermetoidea

  • Meta-Mesogastropoda
    • clade Strombimorpha
    • (clade) Heteropoda
  • Latrogastropoda (= Neomesogastropoda BANDEL, 1993 and Neogastropoda THIELE, 1929)

Clade Caenogastropoda[edit]

Contains the Caenogastropoda of uncertain systematic position, the informal group Architaenioglossa and the clades Sorbeoconcha and Hypsogastropoda

Informal group Architaenioglossa[edit]

Clade Sorbeoconcha[edit]

Clade Hypsogastropoda[edit]

Contains the clades Littorinimorpha, Neogastropoda and the informal group Ptenoglossa.

Clade Littorinimorpha[edit]

Informal group Ptenoglossa[edit]

Clade Neogastropoda[edit]

Clade Heterobranchia[edit]

Contains the informal groups Heterobranchia, Opisthobranchia and Pulmonata

sensu Jörger et al. 2010:

Informal group "Lower Heterobranchia" (= Allogastropoda)[edit]

Informal group Opisthobranchia[edit]

Contains the clades Cephalaspidea, Thecosomata, Gymnosomata, Aplysiomorpha, Sacoglossa, Umbraculida, Nudipleura and the groups Acochlidiacea and Cylindrobullida.

Clade Cephalaspidea[edit]

OK 2005, OK 2009, OK 2010

Clade Thecosomata[edit]

Clade Gymnosomata[edit]

Clade Aplysiomorpha (= Anaspidea)[edit]

Group Acochlidiacea[edit]

See Acochlidiacea#2010 taxonomy:

clade Hedylopsacea

clade Microhedylacea

Clade Sacoglossa[edit]

Sacoglossa OK

Subclade Oxynoacea[edit]

Subclade Placobranchacea[edit]

Group Cylindrobullida[edit]

Clade Umbraculida[edit]

Clade Nudipleura[edit]

Subclade Pleurobranchomorpha[edit]

Subclade Nudibranchia[edit]

Contains the clades Euctinidiacea and Dexiarchia

Clade Euctenidiacea (= Holohepatica)[edit]

Contains the subclades Gnathodoridacea and Doridacea

Subclade Gnathodoridacea[edit]
Subclade Doridacea[edit]
Clade Dexiarchia (= Actenidiacea)[edit]

Contains the clades Pseudoeuctenidiacea and Cladobranchia

Clade Pseudoeuctenidiacea ( = Doridoxida)[edit]
Clade Cladobranchia ( = Cladohepatica)[edit]

Contains the subclades Euarminida, Dendronotida and Aeolidida

Subclade Euarminida[edit]
Subclade Dendronotida[edit]
Subclade Aeolidida[edit]

Informal Group Pulmonata[edit]

Contains the informal group Basommatophora and the clade Eupulmonata

Informal Group Basommatophora[edit]

Contains the clade Hygrophila

Clade Hygrophila[edit]

Clade Eupulmonata[edit]

Contains the clades Systellommatophora and Stylommatophora

Clade Systellommatophora (= Gymnomorpha)[edit]

OK 2005

Clade Stylommatophora[edit]

Contains the subclades Elasmognatha, Orthurethra and the informal group Sigmurethra

Subclade Elasmognatha[edit]

OK 2005

Subclade Orthurethra[edit]
Informal Group Sigmurethra[edit]

superfamily ?

    • Family Coelociontidae OK 2005 - moved from Orthalicoidea by Breure 2010

Superfamily Urocoptoidea per Uit de Weerd (2008), OK 2008

limacoid clade[edit]

Two superfamilies belongs to clade Sigmurethra, but they are not in the limacoid clade.