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This user is proud to be an Indian by Birth

Today's motto: Whatever hath been written shall remain,
Nor be erased nor written o'er again;
The unwritten only still belongs to thee:
Take heed, and ponder well what that shall be.
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সু স্বাগতম

"Lets [Edit]!".

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All works of this user is copyrighted. ©Sohambanerjee2013

This user page has been inspired from numerous elements of other user pages. They include that of Pratyya Ghosh, Titodutta, Lukeno94, Nvvchar, Jionpedia, Koavf, Dharmadhyaksha, Mark Miller and also many others which I have forgotten. To them I can only offer a humble apology. Sorry. Lastly this user page has been the source of inspiration for some, which in the grander scheme of things and from the very first day was my motive and will remain so till the end 'cause We all can do with some inspiration. To all those who have taken inspiration from this Page Baby please let others take inspiration from yours as well!