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Tanvir    Sourov

Name This user's name is Tanvir Sourov
en-5 This user can contribute with a professional level of English.
bn বাংলা এই ব্যবহারকারীর মাতৃভাষা
Flag of Bangladesh.svg This user comes from Bangladesh.
Bengali.svg এই ব্যবহারকারী একজন বাঙালি
This user is a Bengali.
Jatiyo Sangshad Bhaban (Roehl).jpg This user hails from Dhaka.
Ambox wikify.svg This user is a member of WikiProject Wikify.
This user is male.
22 This Wikipedian is 22 years, 5 months, and 16 days old.
Nuvola apps kcmsystem.svg This user is a Computer Engineer.
Userbox-single.svg This user is single.
Nuvola apps kworldclock.png This user's time zone is UTC+6.
Pisces This user is a Pisces.
Praising-hands.svg This user prays.
Web-browser-openclipart.svg This user is using a web browser.
56k This user has a 56k modem connection.
@ This user can be reached by email.
Firefox This user prefers Mozilla Firefox.
Small Flag of the United Nations ZP.svg This user supports the United Nations.
Cocacola-1917.png This user prefers Coca-Cola over Pepsi.
Tetsubin1571.jpg This user drinks tea.
Coffee cup icon.jpg This user drinks coffee.
<html> This user can write HTML.
No smoking symbol.svg This user does not smoke.
Antidope.png This user is drug-free.
Admin mop question.svg This user is not a Wikipedia administrator but would like to be one someday.
Face-angel.svg This user tries to do the right thing. If he makes a mistake, please let him know.
F icon.svg
This user maintains a Facebook profile.
The Earth seen from Apollo 17.jpg This user loves using Google Earth.
Logo Google 2013 Official.svg This user uses Google as a primary search engine.
Computer n screen.svg This user is interested in computers.
Mozilla Firefox logo 2013.svg This user contributes using Mozilla Firefox.
Musical note nicu bucule 01.svg This user likes all types of music.
Exquisite-kfm home.png This user prefers to play games on a PC.
This user loves the Metal Gear Solid series.
GTA This user plays games from the Grand Theft Auto series.
Sciences exactes.svg This user is interested in
Nuvola apps edu science.svg
Eagle Nebula
This user is interested in astronomy.
Fx This user is interested in Space Sciences.
Wormhole jet.jpg This user's favorite subject is Physics.
Flag of Bangladesh.svg This user supports the Bangladeshi cricket team.
Soccerball.jpg This user enjoys football.
TheStructorr Lamborghini Gallardo.svg This user is a cars enthusiast.
Parthenon icon.jpg This user advocates democracy.
Wind-turbine-icon.svg This user supports renewable energy.
This user believes in freedom of all types of information for all.
:( This User HATES it when his work/pictures get deleted
Wikipedia-logo-v2.svg This user believes in the right of every human being to have access to Wikipedia.
Exquisite-backpack.svg This user is a student
No sign.svg
This user believes that politicians should not interfere with Public news broadcasting.
This user is a member of the Bangladesh Premier League WikiProject.
ChessSet.jpg This user is a member of WikiProject Chess.
Crystal Clear app browser.png This user is a member of the Internet WikiProject.
Flag of Bangladesh.svg This user is a member of WikiProject Bangladesh.
This user is a recent changes patroller with Twinkle!
Police man Twinkle Head.svg This user is a Curator!
STiki logo.png This user uses STiki to revert vandalism.