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Original Articles[edit]

War of the Rebellion[edit]

Regimental Histories[edit]
New Hampshire[edit]
New Jersey[edit]
New York[edit]
Regular Army[edit]
Rhode Island[edit]
Orders of Battle[edit]




[These are articles which I significantly revised, but did not create.]


Kansas Barnstar.png The Kansas Barnstar
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For outstanding work in creating the Kansas Civil War regiment articles. Keep up the good work! ilamb94 16:18, 17 June 2009 (UTC)

Barnstar quill.png Researcher's Barnstar
For finding information that I'd been pulling my hair out over its unfindability, specifically the date of birth for Terry McCarthy (racing driver). Many thanks! - The Bushranger One ping only 18:07, 6 June 2012 (UTC)

Domestic travels[edit]

Lived in:

Flag of Kentucky.svg Flag of Ohio.svg Flag of Kansas.svg


Flag of Alabama.svg Flag of Alaska.svg Flag of Arizona.svg Flag of Arkansas.svg Flag of California.svg Flag of Colorado.svg Flag of Delaware.svg Flag of Florida.svg Flag of Georgia (U.S. state).svg Flag of Illinois.svg Flag of Indiana.svg Flag of Iowa.svg Flag of Louisiana.svg Flag of Maryland.svg Flag of Massachusetts.svg Flag of Michigan.svg Flag of Minnesota.svg Flag of Mississippi.svg Flag of Missouri.svg Flag of Nebraska.svg Flag of Nevada.svg Flag of New Jersey.svg Flag of New Mexico.svg Flag of New York.svg Flag of North Carolina.svg Flag of Oklahoma.svg Flag of Oregon.svg Flag of Pennsylvania.svg Flag of Rhode Island.svg Flag of South Dakota.svg Flag of Tennessee.svg Flag of Texas.svg Flag of Virginia.svg Flag of Washington.svg Flag of Wyoming.svg Flag of Puerto Rico.svg Flag of the United States Virgin Islands.svg Flag of Washington, D.C..svg

International travels[edit]

Flag of the United Kingdom.svg Flag of Scotland.svg Flag of Wales.svg Flag of England.svg Flag of Canada.svg Flag of British Columbia.svg Flag of Ontario.svg Flag of Sint Maarten.svg

Idea and layout purloined from DarthBinky who lifted it from StuffOfInterest, who requisitioned it from Harro5, who took it from Salsb, who stole it from Guettarda who borrowed it from White Cat, as seen on Calton's page.