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Welcome to my userpage![edit]

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About me[edit]

I enjoy baking, juggling, and doing magic tricks in my spare time. I like playing with Legos and animating them using stop motion. I will enjoy editing the Wikipedia section on illusions very much. I have just gotten this program installed on my computer and am having fun browsing through the articles. You most likely will not see me giving someone advise, you will see me getting advise. :)

Daily Word Puzzle[edit]

So, you want to hear a joke? Good at solving word puzzles? Good! You came to the right place!![edit]

The puzzle will change daily Face-smile.svg If you think you know the answer, tell me your soulution on my talk page's shoutbox. If you are right, I will tell you a joke. (on your talk page)

Today's Puzzle[edit]

Mandy excitedly told her friends that she had made something that had no beginning, no middle, and no end. She told them that if they would come over to her house after work, she would give them some. They did, and she did. What was the thing that Mandy gave them?

Aha! stumped?? you can ask me yes or no questions on my talk page. Please use the shoutbox. Thanks, Jakob

Office Hours[edit]

What time I usually am on Wikipedia[edit]



Sat..........................Every now and then

Sun..........................Not active

What's New[edit]

AfC submissions
772 pending submissions
Purge to update

I signed up on the October-November 2012 Backlog Elimination Drive and managed to review 85 articles. Look here for proof. My goal was to review 60 AFC's and I made it!!!!!

I will try to review some AFC's every now and then, even if there's no drive. However, I'm hearing reports that a new drive might start soon. If that's the case, I'll start reviewing AFC's full throttle. Face-smile.svg