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To do short term[edit]

  1. Permission for Jaynes photo
  2. Rquote issues, see Kamie Ethridge Added question to talk
  3. Sales, Meiser photos (Have sent email, need to follow up)
  4. Samuel Walker (soldier)
  5. 2014–15 UMass Minutewomen basketball team infobox

To do long term[edit]

  1. Followup: User_talk:Lactasamir#Magdalenenberg_moon_calendar_2
  2. EZID (from Phoebe Ayers)
  3. TT James Forrester re DOI issue(copy Rachel DiCerbo) Yes check.svg Done
  4. Bug report for sort issue here
  5. Propose wording at WP:COPYVIO See User_talk:Sphilbrick#Deletion_of_page_history_with_copyvio for details
  6. Ideas from Sarnold17, mandating license during upload, and drop-down for license options
  7. Consider writing proposal to exclude items from info box unless they can be objectively measured
  8. Clarify community opinions on use of footnotes in quotes (see this)
  9. CCI
    1. Wikipedia:Contributor copyright investigations/S710
    2. Wikipedia:Contributor copyright investigations/20111108 (After resolving quote in footnote issue)
  10. Copyright issues
    1. Think through organization of copyright material
    2. Case studies of investigations of copyright issues, especially including examples of paraphrasing, ideally identifying some examples close to the boundaries of what is acceptable
    3. Note the two meanings of copyright vio (see Wikipedia:WikiProject_Military_history/News/August_2010/Editorials) Make sure this distinction is clear everywhere.
  11. Consider list of MCD all Americans
  12. Create list of NCAA locations - See men's counterpart
  13. Write an essay on my opinion of (non-technical) indef blocks (notify Ched, when draft available, and NewYorkBrad, in light of this)
  14. Write proposal to automatically setup talk page archiving
  15. Propose, at the idea lab, a way to separate the complete block log, with all the gory details, from a summary. See this for some thoughts.
  16. Policy on block expungement. See Elen comment
  17. Write an essay on "Things that make sense, even if they don't sound sensible"
  18. Write an essay on "Things that don't make sense, even though some claim there is a valid explanation"
  19. The NCAA claims that the stats for last year will be updated in a couple weeks (21 Nov or so), Update the NCAA tournament table (per response to email to NCAA updated date is roughly end of Feb.)
  20. Look at this copyright issue
  21. Add a seeding summary table (count and top seeds/predetermined/pod options)
  22. Comment on Wikipedia:Village_pump_(proposals)#Wikipedia_Editor.27s_Email_OR_OTRS_Reach_Out
  23. Check out tool to find locations needing photos
  24. Check EDD photo removal issue
  25. Request edit issues, both general and specific. (See User_talk:Sphilbrick#Request_Edits_2)
    1. Here's what we talked about (User:Lukejmorrison)
      1. Add at RFE Button next to the save button. The button would:
        1. Trigger a RFE event.
        2. Tag the document in the RFE category
        3. etc
        4. etc
      2. Follow up with Programmer to get this done.


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see help desk today for coord tool

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