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Private Limited
Industry Internet, Computer software, Search Engine
Founded Singapore,
(March 18, 2008)
Headquarters 1000 Toa Payoh North
Products (See list of Rednano products)

Rednano (aka is a federated search engine, a product of SPH Search Pte Ltd. Rednano is a collaboration/joint venture between Singapore Press Holdings (SPH) Group and Norwegian media group Schibsted ASA and took 18 months to develop. Rednano was founded by Paul Jansen and was launched in March 18, 2008. Paul Jansen is currently the chief executive officer of SPH Search Pte Ltd. Rednano is currently at its beta stage.


See main article: Federated Search

The Rednano search engine uses federated search function to search across multiple online databases, resulting in multiple information sources with one search query. Federated search makes deep web documents searchable without having to visit each database individually as opposed to traditional internet search engines like Google, that only searches sources indexed by its web crawler.

However, federated search do have its own disadvantages over the traditional web-based search engine, such as a slower search result return speed[1] and the inability to conduct search within specific databases if users are happy to do so.

In terms of addressing this lack, the search engine has embarked on a research partnership with the National University of Singapore School of Computing[2] to jointly research new and better ways to retrieve information from various sources, including the Internet.

It is expected that the R&D project[3] will channel efforts to deepen the relevancy of search results through better identifying and indexing local content and support location oriented context through search; improving user experience through providing better aggregated search and summary of results; enriching users’ media experience through integrating image and video seamlessly into text based results, for example, users could search for video clips.

Products and services[edit]

Similar to other search engines like Yahoo and Google, Rednano also provides a wide array of internet services other than web search to consumers. Their current range of products and services, dubbed as 'verticals', includes 7 of the following; Web, Images, People, Directory, News, Maps and Mobile.[4]


In an attempt to differentiate itself from other search engines, Rednano boasts a unique feature called "Find of the Day" on their homepage. The "Find of the day" allows consumers to know what historical events occurred in Singapore on that particular day. Rednano is able to achieve this feature with the help of its parent company, Singapore Press Holdings. The homepage of Rednano also features an uncluttered page design, with many similarities to that of Google's.[citation needed]


Rednano's web search is focused on localized (Singapore) content. It caters to a niche market, the Singaporeans, as opposed to other search engines that target a world-wide audience. Rednano claims that unique local terms and acronyms are prioritized by their search engines. Although Rednano is a localized search engine, it is also able to generate global search results through their partnership with Yahoo.[5][6]


Rednano also has the image search function which most search engine has. Rednano partners, Singapore Press Holdings, to offer exclusive images from Singapore news archives. Most of the images in Rednano Image Search are copyrighted and are owned by respective content partners[7]. Rednano does not crawl the web like Google or Yahoo for image search, instead they work with partners. Rednano claims that this improve accuracy and access to normally locked content.[citation needed] However, this feature meant that Rednano’s current image collection is limited to only their content partners.[citation needed]


Rednano streams local and global news from their respective news sources.[8] Due to a special arrangement with Singapore Press Holdings, Rednano news is able to access directly stream content from local newspaper websites.[9]


Rednano also introduced its very own free web mapping service along with the other features of the search engine. Unlike using 3D or satellite images, it uses 2D maps along with map panning features. By collaborating with LTA of Singapore and Singapore Land Authority, Rednano maps boasts the ability to provide users with a more accurate map search that highlights localized information, such as live traffic information and highlighting of ERP gantries in Singapore. However, Rednano maps only provides local maps (Singapore) but not global maps.

Directory / people[edit]

As Rednano is “Singapore’s Local Search and Directory Engine”, it offers directory search of local business listings. Besides being able to search for online local business listings, Rednano also has a People Search which is an online personal directory service that allows users to access and find basic residential information of people residing in Singapore.


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